Alex Hales, a star of England’s T20 World Cup squad, censored for blackface photo

Alex Hales, a star of England’s T20 World Cup squad, censored for blackface photo

One of their heroes, Alex Hales, was censured over an old social media photo showing him posed with black face, just days after England won the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup for the second time after defeating Pakistan in the final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday.

Alex Hales, the sample of the T20 World Cup in England, has received criticism for an earlier social media post in which he was pictured black-faced.

Hales, who helped Jos Buttler’s team to victory in Melbourne on Sunday, was shown in a 2009 Facebook photo dressed as rapper Tupac Shakur. The photo was made public in 2021.

England and Wales Cricket Board regulation 3.3, which deals with actions “which may be harmful to the interests of cricket”, was breached, according to the 32-year-old, who accepted his guilt.

The ECB dropped an additional charge relating to the governing body’s anti-discrimination policy and Chris Tickle, a judge on the cricket disciplinary panel, ruled that Hales’ earlier apology and lack of premeditation factored in his favour.

The tickle did the reproach and public sentence, but did not issue a fine or taxes and did not formally request any further contrition.

He was well known for liking Tupac and rap music, according to Tickle. He was one of Mr. Hales’ favorite musicians. No one, either then or later, was offended.

Response to Alex Hales

“Mr. Hales has acknowledged that he would not dress that way today, but at the time he did not think his acts were racist or offensive. He is wiser and more experienced. Given the background, I conclude that his clothing and manner which he posed for the photo were not made with any kind of racist or discriminatory intent.

Former Warwickshire and Derbyshire player Ateeq Javid has also been censured for a series of anti-Semitic Facebook messages he sent to racism whistleblower Azeem Rafiq in 2011.

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