Andy Murray’s ‘first coaching career ends in disgrace’

Andy Murray’s ‘first coaching career ends in disgrace’

Andy Murray In Action

Coaching your own children in any sport is never an easy task and Andy Murray certainly proves that after his attempt to coach his daughter “ended in disgrace”.

Murray has enjoyed much success as a player, winning three Grand Slams – including the Wimbledon titles in 2013 and 2016 – winning singles gold at the London Games as well as the Rio Olympics.

However, the father of four understands that coaching isn’t for everyone, especially when his five-year-old daughter Edie’s advice about your own race ended in tragedy.

The tennis great took to Instagram over the weekend to reveal that he was coaching his daughter, but the youngster clearly didn’t like his tactics when she sent her father the following note.

“Dear Dad, I don’t want to play tennis for a while.

“Lots of love Eddie.”

The note was accompanied by a picture of a man holding a racket – presumably played by her tennis father – with a large red cross over the picture.

Murray gave a little more substance in his Instagram story, accompanying the image with the following caption: “My first foray into the world of coaching ended in humiliation 😢

“The 5-year-old stopped saying, ‘I don’t want to play anymore.. you’re too close to me.’

Andy Murray Instagram Story
A letter to Andy Murray’s ‘Dear Father’

Maybe give your daughter a little more space next time, eh Andy.

It’s a tough world, but Murray may have had some success with his other children as he and wife Kim have a younger, unnamed daughter, with their eldest daughter Sofia aged seven and their son Teddy three. , turned two in March.

The 35-year-old will be back in action this week as he takes part in the Madrid Open, so there will be no time to get too upset about his failed coaching attempt.

The former champion, who has dropped to No. 60 in the ATP rankings, will open his campaign this weekend against the lucky loser or qualifier and, if he does, take on second seed Daniil Medvedev.

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