Arina Sabalenka says she was attacked because of her nationality.

Arina Sabalenka says she was attacked because of her nationality.

Aryna Sabalenka In Action

World No. 2 Aryna Sabalenka says she was abused because she is from Belarus.

Belarus has aided Russia in its invasion, according to observers, which led to players from both countries being banned from Wimbledon last year.

Sabalenka won her walk-off match against Ukraine’s Lesia Turenko, who pulled out in shock.

WTA Tour chairman Steve Simon has been criticized for his role in fueling the Turenko terror attack.

Turenko explained that it was a conversation with the leader of the women’s tour that caused her to suffer.

The Australian Open winner added that it was unfair to hold tennis players responsible for the actions of their regional leaders.

“Well, listen, nobody can control other people’s emotions, you know. And I think the WTA is doing everything they can to control it,” Sabalenka told a press conference at Indian Wells.

“Yes, of course there is a lot of tension between us. I still believe that I have not done anything bad to the Ukrainians; Not me, not the Russian athletes, not the Belarusian athletes, none of them did anything bad. Some of us are even helpful.

“So what can I say? I think the WTA is doing a great job of supporting both sides, and whatever it is, I mean, I can’t control their feelings. I’ve been through a lot of bad things, and unfortunately, I can’t say that because who believes a Belarusian girl.”

A furious Sabalenka said she was attacked by the players for her nationality.

“I mean talking about her trainer.”

“I’ve been through hell too, and I understand that… I don’t know. The more I talk, the better I should be. I think there is more. I had a tough situation with her coach last year the way he did to me.

“So I think that person put a lot of pressure on her; That’s why.
Occurrence has nothing to do with WTA. I mean they are doing their best. What can you do? In this situation, none of us have this control.

“You know, we’re all going to keep very calm in the locker room and continue to understand that it’s not our fault and that we all understand the Ukrainians. no more. I think I have said too much.

Sabalenka will face Russian-born Kazakh No. 1 Elina Rybakina in the India Wells Open final on Sunday.

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