Boxing Fans Are Upset About Tyson Fury Vs. Derek Chisora’s Record TV Pricing 2-22

Boxing Fans Are Upset About Tyson Fury Vs. Derek Chisora’s Record TV Pricing 2-22

The WBC heavyweight champion Fury will defend his title against Chisora on a voluntary basis the following Saturday, but supporters are incensed because there will be additional charges to watch the program.

Boxing fans are incensed to find they would have to pay £26.95 to witness Tyson Fury’s voluntary defense against Derek Chisora.

Image of Tyson Fury, from Wikipedia.

In a U-turn from his initial plans to retire, WBC champion Fury will defend his title against heavyweight gatekeeper Chisora on December 3 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Given that Chisora has previously lost to the champion twice, in 2011 and 2014, there has been intense criticism of the contest.

Fans will also have to pay a UK record £26.95 to watch the match on pay-per-view on the BT Sport Box Office channel, according to BT Sport, which is another damaging blow to the fans. Social media users have reacted angrily to the bout, with one writing: “I’m generally one to support fights and buy pay-per-view, but come on, that much for what you’re getting is terrible.”

Derek Chisora Boxing
Image of Derek Chisora, from Wikipedia.

Response from boxing fans

“Wouldn’t have spent a penny let alone that price,” another person chimed in. Another supporter added: “It appears as though you are extorting as many supporters as you can. How does that price point make sense? At most, it should have cost £9.95. Instead of being about the sport or the fight, boxing has evolved into a business that depends on fan revenue.”

A fan who deviated from the norm was pleasantly delighted, writing: “I was anticipating $30, so this is good. Because Fury is the largest and finest fighter on the planet, spectators are willing to spend that amount to watch him compete.

“Tyson Fury is a successful businessman in the sport of boxing. At that price, you should easily anticipate 800k buys.”

However, a supporter immediately refuted his theory, writing: “is less than 5,000 PPV purchases. nonsense there, talking.”

The champion was to a fault, the fan added, adding: “And Tyson Fury declared that he wanted EVERYONE to have free access to Fury-Joshua. In a matter of months, Fury has transformed from an elite fan favorite to a humiliating time waster. I jerk my head.”

Finally, another fan stated: “£26.95 for a fight that we’ve already seen twice and will cost the same regardless of the outcome of the third bout. I’m fine.”

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