Brian Ceballo dominates Luis Veron in the Broadway Boxing Main Event

Brian Ceballo dominates Luis Veron in the Broadway Boxing Main Event

Posted 04/27/2023

13-1 junior middleweight Brian Ceballo took on 20-5-2 Luis Veron Thursday night at Sony Hall in New York City in the main event of a Broadway Boxing card broadcast live on DAZN streaming service. The fight was scheduled for eight rounds. The first two rounds were close together, but it was Ceballo’s left that seemed to tell the story early in the fight. By the third Ceballo was clearly putting pressure.

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Ceballo continued to apply pressure during the middle rounds. By the fifth, Vernon appeared to be simply trying to survive. The question began to arise: would the fight go the distance? Vernon tried to get aggressive in the sixth, but it quickly became apparent that he wasn’t as strong and skilled as his opponent. In the seventh it looked like Vernon wasn’t going to survive the round. To his credit, however, he made it to the final chapter.

That said, the final round saw Vernon take a terrible beating. Unsurprisingly, Ceballo was able to add another win to his resume thanks to the judge’s papers. «I thought I could have done just a little bit more,» Ceballo said after the fight. However, the man was not entirely dissatisfied. «I’m overall happy with tonight,» he added.

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