Carlos Alcaraz leads the way for the next generation.

Carlos Alcaraz leads the way for the next generation.

Carlos Alcaraz In Action

Former world number 1 Chris Evert believes that Carlos Alcaraz will be a player who will raise the level of the game in general.

Evert believes Janic Sinner, Taylor Fritz, Daniil Medvedev need to raise their game to compete with Alcaraz.

Alcaraz said he will be hard to stop, but his style means he will be involved in many great matches.

Evert remained in awe of Alcaraz for the first third of the season.

Alcaraz didn’t drop a set on his way to the title.

“When I see him, I’m shocked, I’m really angry,” Evert said. Eurosport.

“I couldn’t believe how well he moves and how he evolves and adapts to certain situations.

“I think we’re seeing a new level, a higher level of tennis.

“You always think you see the greats with Roger and Rafa and Novak, but every decade it seems like there’s a player who is better than the former champion.”

Alcaraz has had some great matches, especially against Ciner, and has had back-to-back wins over Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic on clay.

Evert believes in elevating the fun and the game.

She believes it has come at the right time to inspire a great new generation.

Evert has backed Alcaraz to win on multiple surfaces and possibly capture a career Grand Slam.

“I think it will raise the profile of Jannik Siner, Taylor Fritz, Daniil Medvedev and other players who are going to be new leaders in the men’s game,” she said.

“I think Carlos will improve his game because if they want to beat him, they have to play better than their best when they play him. He’s not invincible by any means, but in a good way, he is.

“Before, we had high hopes for Alexander Zverev and Dominic Thiem and Medvedev, and we had high hopes for other great players who were young, but it wasn’t really realized where they would be in the Novak and Rafa class. Now I think Carlos is in that class. He’s right there with them.”

“As a fan, I look forward to Carlos Rafa’s matches – I mean, how would you like to see him playing on clay at the French Open and Carlos playing Djokovic? I think those matches will be incredibly electric and we will see an even higher level of tennis. So if anything, he’ll even improve their game, probably because he’s so talented.

“He is a multi-layered man. I’ve seen it work well on grass. I mean, look at Nadal winning Wimbledon. Why couldn’t Carlos? This is clear to me, that he can stand out in any aspect and win major titles.

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