Concerns are growing for Bhuvneshwar Kumar out of shape »Sport

Concerns are growing for Bhuvneshwar Kumar out of shape »Sport

The fact that Bhuvneshwar Kumar, India’s most experienced fast thrower, continues to run in the final overs surprising former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar a little. According to Gavaskar, it is a big problem for the Indian team participating in the T20 World Cup.

India’s ambitions for the T20 World Cup were shattered by the lackluster performance of sailor Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

Few expected that Bhuvneshwar Kumar, India’s only “T20 specialist” bowler, would become a major concern in India with just one month until the opening of the 2022 T20 World Cup against the same opponents. Bhuvneshwar Kumar played a pivotal role in India’s thrilling 5-wicket victory over Pakistan’s historic rivals in the Asian Cup in Dubai on 28 August.

Bhuvneshwar has been completely defeated in three of India’s last four games, all in their penultimate over. Everything he tried to throw, including yorkers, massive yorkers, slower balls, knuckle balls and bouncers, fell to the ground because he became cannon fodder for hitters waiting to pounce on his fun average speed.

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Pakistan needed 26 over 2 in the Super 4 match of the Asian Cup, but the 32 year old gave up 19 in the 20th over, leaving him 0-40 over 4 over. Sri Lanka needed 21 against just two overs in India’s next Asian Cup Super 4 match when Bhuveshwar was sent off 14 in the nineteenth over.

This time, the seasoned hitter took 0-30 in 4 overs. In both games, Arshdeep Singh was unfairly forced to defend only seven points in the final, despite his gallant efforts.
Australia needed 55 of 4 overs in the first T20I against India in Mohali on Tuesday night when Bhuvi was called. Mathew Wade had a “social match” at his expense this time, cutting 15 from his top 17th and 16 from his 19th top. Bhuvneshwar’s stats were sad: 4-0-52-0; this was the first time he had given up more than 50 rides on a T20I.

Of course, batting veteran Sunil Gavaskar cited Team India’s “area of ​​concern” in Bhuvneshwar’s poor performance. “We didn’t even play bowling. It is a legitimate concern. Bhuvneshwar Kumar delivered 49 runs in 18 deliveries in three defeats for India to Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia, or about three runs per delivery, according to Gavaskar.


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