Deontay Wilder believes he can fight Tyson Fury again

Posted 09/27/2022

“I think there is definitely a chance of a fourth fight again,” said former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. Sky Sport. “Boxing is business. Many people call it a sport, but it’s not a sport. “There is no doubt that Wilder’s three bouts with arch rival Tyson Fury were memorable. The first ended in a draw. The second may have seen Fury wipe out. Wilder, but the third saw Fury having to get off the mat himself before finally taking out the hard-hitting American.However, many are unlikely to expect a fourth bout between the two massive heavyweights.

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“They are still a big fish in the business,” Wilder said Sky Sport, “especially here in America.” Sure enough, it’s hard to say for sure that any heavyweight besides Fury can get the better of Wilder. Antonio Giosuè? After two straight losses, it is highly unlikely that he will be the betting favorite against Wilder. Oleksandr Usyk? He is incredibly skilled, as well as an undefeated multi-owner, but someone can vouch that he could overcome that thunderous power of the fighter known as the “Bronze Bomber”. The arrival of Jim Joyce? He is impressive, but not overly experienced. Plus, as he punches, Joyce also lets herself be punched open. Against a fighter like Wilder, he is dangerous.

“As long as we’re all in the same division,” Wilder said of Fury, “and everyone is still fighting, why not? It can only lead to that. That said, it’s definitely a possibility.” There is no doubt that Wilder is in high demand at the moment. Joshua and Usyk are very realistic options. Joyce is also a possibility, as is fellow former owner Andy Ruiz. If Wilder maybe (“maybe” is the watchword here) fight and the best Usyk, he will hold three of the top four heavyweight titles. The possibility may not be as extravagant as it seems. Usyk mentioned Wilder as a potential opponent.

“I’ve heard about Usyk’s situation,” Wilder said, “and it will be there. I think Usyk is a man of his word. For now, however, Wilder needs to focus on Robert Helenius, his former sparring partner and a solid contender he will meet in the ring on October 15th. If Wilder were to take care of business as planned, however, his future could be much brighter than it looked after his last fight, the one that saw him drop out of his second out of three bouts at Fury.


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