Eddie Hearn on Canelo-Golovkin 3 Pay Per View numbers: “I actually think they are very solid.”

Posted 09/22/2022

Sometimes an article requires a preamble. This is one of those articles. The truth is that Boxing Attendant I cannot confirm what the pay per view numbers are for the third Canelo Alvarez-Gennady Golovkin pay per view card. The reality is probably that few people can. Since we’re not sure who these people are, or if they would provide direct numbers rather than a PR round, we remain neutral regarding yesterday’s Twitter rejection involving reporter Dan Rafael, promoter Eddie Hearn, promoter Leonard Ellerbe and the DAZN streaming service.

Photo: DAZN

All we can say is that Rafael reported that pay per view purchases for Canleo-Golovkin 3 have been counted at around 500,000 high. Hearn, who promoted the fight, made an exception, as DAZN apparently did, which announced a “worldwide” number of over a million. Somehow Ellerbe and Hearn began to go back and forth, leaving the rest of the world to think. Or not. Yet the whole thing was daunting enough for Hearn to discuss it in detail iFL TV today.

According to Hearn, Rafael “basically got numbers from rivals and people with goals and chose to print it. At the moment he is not working with a large outlet, so he can really say what he wants. He went ahead with it and never asked anyone for comment. He just played it. And of course people won’t tell you the truth – see their reaction on social media. ”Hearn added that“ probably at the time (Rafael) reported the numbers, the competition numbers probably weren’t there anyway. ”

Hearn went on to indicate that DAZN felt compelled to set the record straight. “So that’s why DAZN wanted to go out last night and say that over a million people bought the fight,” Hearn said. “And then he (Rafael) comes out and says yes, but about 50% of those were in America. Bullshits. And 80% of those were in America? “For the record, if Rafael is right, the number of signings for Canelo-Golokvin 3 isn’t particularly impressive. Hearn, however, has his own take on things.” Look. ” She said iFL TV, “The numbers were probably a little lower than DAZN predicted. I actually think they are very solid. ”

In the end, Hearn appeared more frustrated with Rafael in the video than the number of people who bought Canelo-Golokvin 3. “Being a reporter and not asking the other party for a comment,” he said, “and just to roll. with numbers. I feel it was irresponsible. ”


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