Errol Spence on Terence Crawford Fight negotiation progress: ‘It looks great’

Posted 05/09/2023

«That’s how I think about it,» says Errol Spence ESNews in a recent video «I just want to be fit and fit.» Spence, speaking from a crowded gym, is his usual easygoing self in the clip. «I just deal with my businessman,» he says. Indeed, Spence is not one to start shooting from the mouth. He lets other fighters do these things. Spence is willing to let his fists do the talking for him. That said, the Texan is well aware that fans want to see him face welterweight titlist Terence Crawford…and apparently, the two camps are back in talks.

So how’s the deal going?

«The look is great,» says Spence. This is good news for fans. Still, it’s understandable why the public should be suspicious of such a seemingly positive development. After all, talks between Spence and Crawford camps collapsed recently. Plus, big fights are a rarity these days. Sure, Tank Davis recently successfully fought Ryan Garcia in a legitimate superfight, but that sort of thing sadly remains the exception rather than the rule.

Errol Spence on Terence Crawford Fight negotiation progress: 'It looks great' 2

For his part, however, WBC, WBA and IBF titlist Spence really seems to want bankruptcy with WBO titlist Crawford. «I was waiting for the fight,» he says. «I could have fought anyone in between…but I told them no, I want Terence Crawford.» It’s also obvious that Crawford himself would like the fight to end. So why hasn’t this already been done? Because contemporary boxing is a mess. Sometimes the fighters themselves ask too much – and many other times the fighters end up getting the short end of the stick. They are wise to be careful at the negotiating table. That said, it’s deeply frustrating that few high-level fights are done these days.

Also, 28-0 Spence is now 33 years old. There is no doubt that he is one of the most talented and accomplished fighters in the game. Crawford himself is now 35 years old. Boasting a 39-0 record, he too is one of the most talented and accomplished fighters in the industry. Neither of them are getting any younger, so the time to fight is now. Indeed, a Spence-Crawford meeting has already expired. Still, it’s one the sport should see come to fruition. After all, every fighter sits atop the welterweight hill, which means the match is still very much relevant.

It should come to fruition.

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