Glenn Maxwell left “screaming” and “in anguish” in 2022

Glenn Maxwell left “screaming” and “in anguish” in 2022

Glenn Maxwellan injured Australian player who will be out for up to three months has detailed exactly how he broke his leg two weeks ago.

Due to the injury, the rotating all-rounder, who was expected to rejoin the Australian Test team for the upcoming tour of India, has all but given up on that goal.

When the strange incident occurred, Maxwell was in Melbourne for a friend’s 50th birthday.

Statement by Glenn Maxwell

They didn’t actually have a grassy yard as they had fake grass so it was a really small, small area just around the corner. “I almost pretended to kick (my friend) out somewhere,” Maxwell said.

“I think each of us took three or four steps out there before we both slipped at the same time. Unfortunately, he landed at a terrible angle and landed directly on my leg, breaking it as soon as my foot locked down a bit.

“It was quite painful and I experienced every aspect of it. I was yelling a little bit, and he kept saying, ‘Please tell me you’re joking, please tell me you’re joking,’ but then I reached this extreme serenity of amazement, saying, ‘I just broke my leg, and I’m pretty sure both bones are broken. I don’t think I should move. Can you take my wife?

“The first crack I heard was when I broke my fibula, which in addition to being split in half was broken through bone. I believe there was also a small chip on my shin, but I tore every ligament on the top of my foot in the space between them” Maxwell said.

While Maxwell lay on the ground in the rain waiting for an ambulance, his friends built a gazebo to protect him from the elements.

Eventually, doctors gave him the all-clear to be taken to the hospital by his wife rather than by himself, and his friends then loaded him into a vehicle.

About 24 hours passed while he was in a hospital bed before he underwent surgery.

It was a terrible two days because, according to him, he “probably” didn’t sleep for two days as he was in pain.

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