How Rich is Casper Ruud Net Worth in 2023

How Rich is Casper Ruud Net Worth in 2023

A Happy Casper Ruud

Norwegian Casper Rudd He reached two Grand Slam finals in 2022.

Rudd’s run to the U.S. Open finals tied his career-high world ranking of No. 2 for a while.

He’s already the highest-ranked Norwegian in tennis history, but his skills need to go up a notch for Rudd.

Rudd admits he doesn’t inspire much excitement in his native Norway, where skiing is the most popular participation sport and soccer player Erling Haaland is undoubtedly the sport’s biggest star.

Rudd has yet to win an ATP Tour event ranked 500 or higher, but it seems only a matter of time before he hits a major trophy.

In the year In 2022, he lost back-to-back matches in both the French and US Open finals.

Rudd was overwhelmed on Center Court at Roland Garros when he came face-to-face with French Open god Rafael Nadal.

The US Open final was even more so, but Rudd couldn’t get a big enough point to fight off Carlos Alcaraz.

Rudd is known to be another famous past-time golf enthusiast in Norway.

Norway has the fifth most golf courses per capita in the world, and Rudd has spent time on most of them, but his life on tour means he can play courses all over the world.

Rudd even once admitted to hitting the links, which he found to be a more appropriate use of grass in his chosen event for Wimbledon.

His Instagram account is dominated by tennis, just like his life, but there is also room for sun and fun.

Rudd doesn’t shy away from flaunting his six-pack on social media.

Casper Ruud has been dating Maria Galligan since 2018.

Galligani is Norwegian but is currently studying at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense.

She is currently studying psychology full-time but occasionally appears at Casper’s big matches.

Casper Ruud net worth

With prize money approaching $10 million, ATP Tour earnings make up the largest portion of Rudd’s personal fortune.

He now has an estimated net worth of $7.5 million at the end of 2022, holding his biggest purse as a runner-up in Paris and New York.

Rudd may have won only 250 ATP tournaments and only owned the record on clay, but there were signs that his all-court power could grow.

He is on a back-to-back title streak at the Argentina Open and Swiss Open and enters 2023 with a nine-match winning streak in Geneva.

Casper Rudd enjoys partnerships with Arctic, Lundin Energy, Proactive, Porsche and Vassar.

Rudd’s racket and gear sponsor is Yonex.

“They provide me with good quality equipment in terms of both clothing/shoes and racquets.

“I feel very comfortable and confident in my game with the Yonex racket and I have been playing good tennis since I started using Yonex.

“It’s a very serious and professional brand and they always look after me and give me everything I need.

«I feel privileged to have them on my team and I hope they will be with me for many years to come!»

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