John McEnroe asks the emotional state of Iga Swiatek after coming out of shock

John McEnroe asks the emotional state of Iga Swiatek after coming out of shock

Every Swiatk Was Upset

World No. 1 Iga Swiatek suffered a shocking early exit from the Australian Open and now tennis legend John McEnroe has laid out the reasons behind her demise.

Switek acknowledged the pressure on the world number one after losing to Wimbledon champion Elena Rabakina in the fourth round of the Australian Open.

Rybakina recovered from a frustrated Swiatek for 3-0 after dropping just six points on her first serve of the match.

The result, combined with defeats by Ous Jaber, Rafael Nadal and Casper Rudd, marked the first time in the inaugural season that the top two seeds in the men’s and women’s tournaments had lost before the quarterfinals.

Despite the big shock, Swiatek isn’t as dominant on hard courts as she is on clay, and while she doesn’t expect herself to win every match, it’s clear that Paul will find it difficult to upset those expectations.

“Obviously the last two weeks have been very difficult for me,” said Swiatek, who won the French and US Opens last year.

“So I felt today that I don’t have that much to fight for more than myself. I felt like I took a step back in terms of how I approach these races, and maybe I wanted it a little too hard. So I try to chill a little.

I felt the pressure, and I felt that I didn’t want to lose more than I wanted to win. So I think that’s the foundation I need to focus on over the next couple of weeks.

I think it will be encouraging for me, and I’m sure I’ll play in the next tournaments, I’ll focus, do something, and move forward. So I think it’s good.

Now McEnroe has cast her judgment on Swiatek’s prospects for the rest of 2023, as she must regain her composure to return to winning ways.

“I was surprised she lost,” McEnroe said a few days before the finals of the live and only Australian Open. Discovery+ And Eurosport.

“She spoke about being emotionally unstable and under pressure to be No. 1.

“I covered Wimbledon last year and Rybakina is the type of player who can take a racket out of your hands and is playing at the level she was at when she won Wimbledon.

“I don’t think other players have worked out how to beat her. She covers the tennis court better than anyone I’ve ever seen.

“For me, with Swiatek, it’s more mental than physical at this point. It’s about what’s in her head. She looked unsure for some reason.

“Anytime you win a couple of majors and unexpectedly become No. 1, that’s a big change because the player retires.

“I hope she takes a step back, appreciates what she’s done and wants to get back on the court and compete again.”

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