John McEnroe Talks Dirty About Potential Pickleball Showdown With Andre Agassi And Andy Roddick

John McEnroe Talks Dirty About Potential Pickleball Showdown With Andre Agassi And Andy Roddick

John Mcenroe Behind The Microphone

John McEnroe calls out Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick before a pickleball exhibition.

McEnroe will take on Michael Chang in the Pickleball Slam, which takes place on Sunday, April 2 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on the Hard Rock.

The tennis legend still feels he has the touch to teach Agassi and Roddick some lessons, but the countrymen’s physical gifts won’t weigh on him this time.

McEnroe will play Agassi in singles as well as doubles, while Chang will also play Roddick one-on-one.

McEnroe has been leading the trash talk between the four men before the event, calling out Agassi and warning that Roddick’s big serve has no limits.

“And then there was pickleball. Mr. Andre Agassi, you can’t spin me around like you do on the tennis court, and Mr. Andy Roddick, you have to serve with your hand. So imagine Michael Chang and I coming to you. Let’s do it,” McEnroe said.

Chang said the event gave him a chance to take a few losses from Agassi and Roddick.

I’ve been thinking for years about how to avenge some of these losses, especially to Andre Agassi and even a couple to Andy Roddick. Now I got my chance, the Pickleball Slam, and partnered with one of the best hands in tennis, John McEnroe. Bring it on baby,” Chang said.

Chang describes his partnership with McEnroe as ‘the fast and the furious’, referring to his playing style and former Superbrat’s fiery temper.

“Maybe you could call us a ‘Fast and Furious’ group, I don’t know but it might be a good name for us. I don’t have to tell you who’s upset, but it’s going to be very interesting when we go to court,” Chang said.

Is that tagline “Fast and Furious? It’s more like slow and sweet. “

Agassi and McEnroe have only met four times, but Chang has had more fights with his compatriot. Of the 22 matches between 1988 and 2003, Chang won just seven. Roddick also beat Chang twice in ATP Tour matches. The tail end of the 1989 French Champions League was associated with the rise of a new star.

The Pickleball Slam is held in Miami in conjunction with the ATP and WTA 1000 in the city.

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