Julio Cesar Martinez: “Like my colleague Canelo, I go for all the belts”

Posted 12/02/2022

“We weren’t expecting this fight, but we were preparing for any kind of fighter, a technical boxer, a fighter who comes forward,” says WBC featherweight champion Julio Cesar Martinez. “Now we have a former Olympian, we are prepared and, as always, we are willing to give everything in the ring.” Martinez will make his fifth title defense on Saturday when he takes on Samuel Carmona in a scheduled 12-round match in Glendale, Arizona. The meeting will be broadcast live by DAZN under the Juan Miguel Estrada-Chocolatito Gonzalez tab.

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Martinez’s 18-2 was expected to win McWilliams Arroyo back on Saturday, but an Arroyo injury led to Martinez facing Carmona instead. “I haven’t seen much of him,” says Martinez, referring to 8-0 Carmona, a former Olympian from Spain, “but he’s also fought Joel Cordova like I have, and I’ve seen he can shoot and he can come forward as well. Sometimes he really likes to swap but it’s going to be a good fight and let’s see what he brings and how he counters the punches.It could really be the unfamiliar aspect of Carmona that adds a level of intruige to the matchup.

“I never underestimate my opponents,” says Martinez, “because we know it’s all about hunger and desire and everyone comes to win, no one comes to lose. We know that everyone comes to get the win and, as always, I will leave everything in the ring and we will never discredit any opponent.” It’s a smart strategy, frankly, that can help prevent disruption.

And Martinez is certainly not looking to be upset by Carmona this weekend. The man, after all, has plans. “As I always say, I will fight anyone anywhere,” says Martinez. “We are ready for whatever happens and if they like it, we can fight when Arroyo wants. We are ready to win. But what interests me the most is to unify the titles and chase the other belts”. Indeed, the man appears to be inspired by a certain star from Mexico.

“Like my colleague Canelo, I want all the belts,” says Marticnez, “(I) want to be a unified champion and more than anything to leave a legacy…
I worked with Eddy Reynoso for four months for this camp. Now he is my coach and we are putting a lot of effort and dedication into the field so that things go well and we can go after all those belts.


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