Kohli vs. A former Pakistani cricketer draws a significant parallel in 2023

Kohli vs.  A former Pakistani cricketer draws a significant parallel in 2023

Since having an impressive first full season in the IPL last year while playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad, Indian bowler Umran Malik has made a meteoric rise in the world of international cricket.

Umran had a batting average of sketches in the IPL 2021 when the Hyderabad franchise hired him as a COVID replacement. The skill of the tearjerker pacer was on full display as he made the beaters dance to his beat.

He made some runs which was also a problem when he made his India debut due to his inconsistent lines and lengths but has since improved markedly as evidenced by his impressive performances in the last few matches against Sri Lanka, while continuing to hasten the batsmen with his pace.

Javed’s observations of other cricketers

According to former Pakistani cricketer Aaqib Javed, Umran is not as “fit” as Haris Rauf.

Unlike Rauf, who according to Javed is disciplined with his nutrition, routine and training, Umran has a problem with slowing down, as he starts at 150 but slows down on the last few overs.

Javed even went so far as to insinuate that countering Rauf and Umran is like countering Virat Kohli with the other batsmen.

Javed mentioned in his remarks on sports related events and happenings, “Haris Rauf has more fitness and training than Umran Malik”. If you see him in ODIs, you will notice that he initially bowls at a speed of around 150km/h, but from seventh or eighth onwards, the speed dropped to 138km/h. Similar to how Kohli and the other hitters differ, so do they. Haris has excellent self-control when it comes to training, food and lifestyle. No Pakistani bowler has a similar diet to Haris, at least not that I’ve seen. His lifestyle is different from anyone else’s. “For me, bowling at 160 km/h is not a great thing, but maintaining a constant speed throughout the game is essential”.

When Umran recently played in ODIs against Sri Lanka, taking five wickets in two matches, Rauf was the top bowler for Pakistan in the 2022 T20 World Cup and was in white ball cricket for a while. Since then Umran has been waiting for his chance.

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