Kylian Mbappé overtakes Pelé as World Cup top scorer at 24

Kylian Mbappé overtakes Pelé as World Cup top scorer at 24

Kylian Mbappe he recently surpassed Pelé with the most goals in the under-24 World Cup. He scored a total of eight goals. He is yet to beat Pelé’s record as the latter scored 12 goals during his World Cup appearances

Mbappe managed to break the 60-year-old record. Recently, Mbappe assisted Olivier Giroud, making him the top scorer in the history of the French national team. Giroud scored his 52nd goal, beating the legendary Thierry Henry.

While Mbappe struggled for most of the day, he managed to convert two strong finishes either side of the top corner. He now has the same number of FIFA World Cup goals as Lionel Messi, but has played in three fewer World Cups.

However, the unfortunate news of the Brazilian legend’s declining health is sad news. His contribution to football will never be forgotten and hopefully younger players like Mbappe, Haaland and others will remember their previous generations of great players.

Fan thoughts Mbappé breaks one of Pelé’s records

Fans claim that Mbappe will break all records in the next World Cup. Others said many countries are not playing as well as they used to, so it would give younger players more opportunities to break records.

There has been criticism of the record as one fan put it”Why 24, why not 23,22,25 etc? It’s almost as if the parameters of this statistic were meant to provide a favorable comparison of Mbappé versus Pele.”

Other fans agree with this fan as the age number seems to be random and often not a comparable age as usually it would be either U21 (Under 21) or U18 (Under 18). Statements about Mbappe idolizing Ronaldo and being inspired by him were in the mix of conversation.

The best irony of the conversation was that fans of Ronaldo and Messi vehemently hate each other in the comments section. It is unclear why in all football related news there will always be this exact argument against the two great legends.

Additionally, Pele’s fans have stated that in his early 20s, where he was playing his second World Cup, he got injured. So this would give other players the opportunity to break his still impressive records.

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