Lionel Messi has signed a three-year approval agreement with Socios.Com

Messi signs a three-year contract worth $ 20 million per year.

The payment will reportedly not be paid in cryptocurrency

Lionel Messi, ace footballer and PSG striker of the Argentine national group, has signed an endorsement agreement with Socios.Com (commitment phase of cryptocurrency fans). Lionel Messi’s endorsement deal with Socios.Com for three years will pay the little artist $ 20 million annually.

Lionel Messi has signed a three-year approval agreement with Socios.Com 3

key takeaway:

The Argentine star was named the brand’s first global envoy of the fan engagement stage.

Messi signs a three-year deal worth $ 20 million a year.

The installment will presumably not be paid in crypto money

PSG Forward joins other symbols reminiscent of Tom Brady and LeBron James for the crypto space

Socios.Com is an advanced crypto platform for fan engagement. Many wearable brands are in the organization’s speculation portfolio. Recently, reached an agreement with Leo Messi. Leo Messi has become the brand’s leading global diplomat in the fan engagement phase.

Lionel Messi’s long-term deal with Socios.Com is worth $ 20 million. And it excludes installments in digital currency.

Under a condition in the deal, Messi will show up in several of the brand’s initiatives, including numerous instructive and limited-time crusades.

Socios.Com portfolio of endorsement agreements has been trying for a long time to make a significant difference in the non-refundable symbols industry. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have joined forces with Socios since around 2018. Other football teams that run the stage incorporate any semblance of



Manchester City

Atletico Madrid

Social also has a worldwide permit and local sponsorship with the European football supervisory body Uefa. Additionally, the brand has associations with over 130 clothing associations.

Socios’ most recent sponsorship sees Messi join other greats in the crypto space. In January, prom star LeBron James partnered with for a long-term organization focused on decentralized Web 3.0.

In June 2021, National Football League (NFL) star Tom Brady reached an extended deal to fill the role of FTX Crypto Money Trading Minister. Brady Autograph’s Non-Fungible Token Organization (NFT) also produced $ 170 million in a Series B grant round in January.

Football Global Star, Lionel Messi expressed:

“Fans should be perceived for their help. They deserve incredible opportunities to impact the groups they love. exists to update fan information. To allow fans to be more. I am delighted to join And the central goal is to create a more associated and profitable future for fans around the planet. «

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of, added:

“We are very happy to announce Lionel Messi as our new global brand representative. We will anticipate building a more complete, energizing and compensating future for fans around the world together ”.

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