Liverpool points deduction would make Klopp ‘embarrassed’ to ‘shut up and behave’

Liverpool points deduction would make Klopp ‘embarrassed’ to ‘shut up and behave’

The Football Association has been urged to give Liverpool a points deduction after Jurgen Klopp’s behavior in his side’s 4-3 win over Tottenham Hotspur.

Klopp celebrated stoppage time winner Diogo Jota in front of fourth official John Brooks before accusing referee Paul Tierney of having a vendetta against Liverpool after the match.

The Reds boss was booked for his display of disrespect but can expect further punishment from the FA for his actions.

Ref Support UK CEO Martin Cassidy wants more than a fine.

«Unless the FA starts addressing this behavior with a points deduction it will never change,» Cassidy told the Express. Giving Liverpool a £30,000 fine is nothing. Start giving them point deductions and watch them shut up and behave themselves.

“We believe he will be one of the silver bullets in all of football to be directed from grassroots to the Premier League. There have been touchline bans for decades, but it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the match about referee Tierney, Klopp said: «I don’t really know what he has against us, he said there’s no problem but that can’t be true.»

Refereeing body the PGMOL made a statement after the match at «strongly refute» the claims about Tierney.

And Cassidy believes Ryan Mason’s frustration that Jota wasn’t sent off for a high boot on Oliver Skipp showed «football hypocrisy.»

“So these two people are having completely paradoxical discussions about it,” Cassidy added. “So both managers are sidestepping that the referee is biased or incompetent and that’s just what happens in a match now. It’s an inside look from managers and people who need to realize the hypocrisy of football.

“They always say the referees are not responsible, but if Mo Salah misses a penalty the following week he will play. If a referee doesn’t award a penalty that is perceived as a mistake, they want to drop it to the lower levels. There’s an imbalance of accountability there.»

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Cassidy, who is a born and bred Liverpool fan, believes Klopp is «getting a bit awkward» for the club.

He added: “I don’t know how he can justify the actions he’s taken since his days at Dortmund. I do not accept the argument of passion of him. As a Liverpool fan, weren’t Bob Paisley, Kenny Dalglish or Bill Shankly as passionate as Jurgen Klopp? Sure they were, but they didn’t show the same behavior as him.

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