Man Utd legend Neville identifies five signs Arsenal are ‘bottled’ their Premier League title race

Man Utd legend Neville identifies five signs Arsenal are ‘bottled’ their Premier League title race

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has explained why Arsenal are decisively «bottled up» their Premier League title race against Manchester City.

The Gunners let their lead slip to the Citizens to five points with Pep Guardiola’s side now having two games in hand over Mikel Arteta’s men.

Premier League title glory is still in both sides’ hands as they face off on Wednesday, in which some fans are announcing themselves as title deciders.

Arsenal have dropped six points from their last three games and the term «bottlers» has been used to describe them as they enter the home straight.

Jonathan Northcroft wrote a piece in Sunday times with the headline: ‘Arsenal slip provides lesson on value of maturity and experience’.

In a tweet promoting the article, Northcroft wrote: “Arsenal are not ‘bottled’ it. Rather, they are letting too much out of the bottle: too much emotion, too much rush, too much safety and risk. Nothing wrong with their courage: what they need is a little control.»

The quote from Manchester United legend Neville tweeted Northcroft’s words and outlined five signs he says show Arsenal have «bottled up their title race».

«Bottling is a very bad phrase to level at anyone or any team, so I can understand why so many avoid using it,» Neville answered.

“However, too much emotion and rushing things are signs that it is happening. Along with looking leggy, being uptight in your game, and making simple mistakes fit the description of bottling.

«Theirs is something else that can happen in this run-in. If you ‘bottle it’ early enough (Arsenal did) you can take it and bounce back by saying ‘what do we worry about and we have nothing to lose now. ‘

“This is the energy they need to bring Wednesday to City. Everyone thinks we’re gone, now we’re underdogs, so let’s go for it!

«I love watching title run-ins as these emotions rock back and forth.»

And Arsenal forward Gabriel Jesus – who moved to the Emirates Stadium from Man City in the summer – believes the Gunners’ trip to Man City on Wednesday has become a «final».

«Even if you don’t lose the points we’ve lost in the last few games, it doesn’t change anything – it’s a final,» Jesus said of the trip to the Etihad Stadium.

“Every match is a final, we have to face them like a final. This is the most important match of the season for us.

“We have to manage ourselves to get back to being concentrated and strong, because anything can happen between now and the end of the season.

“Like the last two games, it’s two lost points. With all due respect to our opponents tonight, Southampton, they have come to play the match of their lives due to the situation they are in now, and so have we.

“This is the Premier League, it is so difficult to win this competition. We’re not always here to make excuses, but it’s a difficult league, there are good games and difficult games.»

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