Myers Evaluates Jordan Poole’s Difficulties With An Effective Baseball Analogy

Myers Evaluates Jordan Poole’s Difficulties With An Effective Baseball Analogy

In October, Jordan Poole was presented with his well-deserved bag. His payday in the form of a new $ 123 million four-year contract has come to his doorstep after one of the most extraordinary seasons in recent Warriors history.

By contrast, Golden State needs more from its 23-year-old guard after 11 games of the 2022-23 NBA season.

“I can’t feel how he feels. I can only observe what he does inside the building or hear what he says. However, he (Poole) is pressing, ”Warriors general manager Bob Myers told 95.7 The Game on Tuesday.

Poole had a hard time right from the start, pressing or not. In 28.8 minutes per game, he is scoring 15.2 points on 40.6% of his field goal attempts and only 30.1% of his three-point attempts.

18.5 points, 44.8 field goal rate and 36.4 3-point rate were the same stats from the previous season.

Myers told The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami that “it was just 11 games” on Tuesday. “Too soon. He is similar to a well-known capable hitter who has a rough start to the baseball season. I don’t have a different perspective. A player who is hitting. 300. 200. No need to overreact to this.

“I am unable to explain why it happened. He can play though. You have participated in post-season games. I’m sure he will understand it. He faced challenges, ”Myers added.

The young Warriors took a lot of heat for their troubling 4-7 start. Notably, Jonathan Kuminga and James Wiseman are still struggling to recover from slow starts in second unit. In Monday’s 116-113 win over the Kings, Wiseman, the reserve center behind Kevon Looney, received his first DNP (Did Not Play) designation.

Poole hasn’t set a pace as the team’s sixth man despite being the symbol of Golden State’s two-stroke future.

Myers told 95.7 The Game: “Getting off the bench is tough. “The change to be a man who comes off the bench and settles in there …

However, the transition from the starting lineup to the bench is difficult, especially for a rookie like Poole. We have faith in him; there is a purpose for our commitment to him; the child takes care; we believe that he is currently in a rut but he will emerge from it.

The reigning champions had no plans to start the season with just four wins from 11 games and a 0-6 away record.

Myers told Kawakami: “We’ve already been there with some great teams as well. “I remember when we came back to Oakland years ago with a pretty talented team and we really had to beat Philadelphia, who didn’t want to win at the time. And winning was so difficult. However, you gradually lose some of your swagger and confidence and have to work to get it back.

And winning is the only thing that really achieves it.

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