Second generation ATP Pro Ben Shelton is taking stock after a great season

Second generation ATP Pro Ben Shelton is taking stock after a great season

Ben Shelton

Second-generation ATP pro Ben Shelton is looking to slow down his short season and take stock of the season that saw him break into the top 100.

Former world number 55 Brian Shelton has put in some impressive performances throughout the 2022 term at tour-level events and feeder tours.

Shelton put his college tennis career on hold to turn pro, and it looks like he’s approved of the decision.

A strong finish on the Challenger stage sees him finish the 2022 season as world No. 97.

“It definitely went by fast,” Shelton said. “I’m going to take this season and slow down a bit, relax and also focus on some things that I can improve on.”

The sheer volume of tennis a player must play to advance to the top tier of the ATP can be overwhelming for a young player, especially coming through the collegiate system.

Shelton was pleased to get through fifteen games in three weeks to end the season.

That effort should serve as motivation for him to push on and become a successful player on the ATP Tour.

“I feel pretty lucky,” Shelton said, “I didn’t think I’d be playing 15 games in three weeks and my body took off.” “It’s encouraging to be able to play so many matches and be healthy.”

Shelton hasn’t looked back since winning back in May with a stunning NCAA singles title.

He has a 35-8 record on the ATP Challenger Tour, thanks to the three titles, as well as his efforts to reach three other Challenger finals earlier in the season.

Shelton has had a few big highlights on the ATP Tour as well.

In July, the 20-year-old took John Innerer to the final matchup in Atlanta.

At the ATP Masters 1000 event in Cincinnati and ahead of the US Open, he impressed Lorenzo Sonnigo and world No. 5 Casper Ruud.

Shelton started the season outside of the world’s top 550, but has climbed higher than anyone in the top 100 in the 2022 season.

With the young American having no ATP ranking points to defend until June, the youngest of 13 Americans in the top 100 could make a serious charge as early as 2023.

His two-man coaching team includes his father, Brian Shelton, and Dean Goldfin.

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