Shakur Stevenson: ‘I’m ready to fight anyone’

Posted 04/25/2023

The plot thickens. Now that Gervonta Davis has knocked out Ryan Garcia — with a shot to the body, no less — people are looking for the next one. Great. Combat. The truth is, they’re going to get a pretty big one when undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney takes on former titlist Vasyl Lomachenko May 20 in Las Vegas. Long story short: The winner of this match could end up facing Davis in the near future. Yet it’s not just Davis, Haney and Lomachenko milling around in and around the lightweight division, looking to be the last man standing once the dust settles. Former multi-division titlist Shakur Stevenson is now a lightweight as well. And some are already calling him the best of the super talented bunch.

Shakur Stevenson 2
Shakur Stevenson: 'I'm ready to fight anyone' 2

“They know I’m here. They’re just ignoring me,” Stevenson said Fight hub regarding potential future competition. “I’m ready to fight anyone.” For a genuinely good guy, Stevenson is one who has no problem telling people how he thinks they are, especially those who are critical. “You don’t know anything about boxing,” he told him. “The media is bad.” As far as Stevenson sees it, she’s at a point in his career where he can face top-notch competition…and fights with top-notch opponents don’t always come to damning conclusions.

“When you find higher-level dates,” she continued, “it’s a lot harder for you to hit the knockouts.” And Stevenson doesn’t need a knockout victory to feel satisfied with his work. “All that matters is who is the winner at the end of the day,” he says. “They won’t remember if you knock him out, they’ll remember you won.” After defeating Shuichiro Yoshino earlier this month, Stevenson seems aware that his future opponents may now be considered some of the best in the business.

“I have to make sure I’m at the top of my game because there are a lot of great fighters in the (lightweight) division,” he said. He then indicated that he plans to stay light for a while. “I’m a little 135,” he stated. “I’m not moving anytime soon.” This, of course, can be great news for Stevenson, as well as bad news for his future opponents. The man simply has to stay on top of his game regardless of who he might be up against, if, of course, he can. The lightweight division has some heavyweight competition these days.


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