Shakur Stevenson overweight on the scale, two hours to lose 1.6 lbs

Posted 09/22/2022

“I gave it my all,” Shakur Stevenson posted on Twitter Thursday afternoon. Minutes prior to him he had arrived 1.6 pounds overweight on the weight scale for his scheduled Friday night battle with Robson Conceicao, who himself gained weight easily. “I have been a pro my entire career and have gained weight,” Stevenson continued, “but my body is no longer able to do 130. My health has to come first. I am climbing to 135 in my next bout. After initially weighing heavily at the Prudential Center in Newark, Stevenson didn’t bother to get back on the scales, as is often the case in such scenarios. He was given two hours to cut the necessary weight. his WBO and WBC junior lightweight titles.

Shakur Stevenson overweight on the scale, two hours to lose 1.6 lbs 2

Needless to say, the look may not be great for the undefeated 18-0 Stevenson. The battle on Friday night will take place in the city he is from, Newark. Although the undefeated titlist (or titlist at press time) now fights out of Houston, homecoming fights are a sizable affair in the sport of boxing. Stevenson can now fight Saturday without his belts to defend. If that’s the case, however, Conceicao still has the opportunity to own the belts on Friday, provided Stevenson wins, which the 17-1 Brazilian fighter shouldn’t do.

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