Souness criticizes ‘weak’ Kane, accusing him of ‘failing family’ with ‘embarrassing’ Spurs interview

Souness criticizes ‘weak’ Kane, accusing him of ‘failing family’ with ‘embarrassing’ Spurs interview

Harry Kane has been criticized by Graeme Souness for giving an exclusive interview to Sky Sports and not taking all the blame for Spurs not being very good.

Kane spoke to Sky Sports ahead of Sunday’s match against Liverpool, having he helped inspire an important draw against Man Utd mid-week after trailing 2-0 at half-time.

The striker said he and his team-mates «came out fighting with a desire, passion and hunger to change things» in the second half in a comment that seemed to irritate Souness.

«I’m going to be as polite as possible,» the pundit said before embarking on his rant.

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“When you are a professional footballer, passion should always be with you. Desire should always be with you. It’s not a light switch, you can’t turn it on and off.

“Harry came across there as if he had been trained in media, he knew what questions were coming and he knew how he was going to answer them, and maybe he consulted someone in PR at Spurs.

“I know I’m of a certain age and I know I’m from a different generation, but I find it so weak and… I’ve played with players who, the most important thing in their lives, on Friday, was what was going to happen on Saturday, and I’m come out there like that – everything I do, everything I contribute to in life is in the next 90 minutes.

“These players today, when they come in and are interviewed, are media trained. The fans don’t want to hear it. Passion and desire for 45 minutes against Man Utd? How about going back to the first game of the season in August? That’s when the passion and desire starts, and that’s when I’m with you all season, and then at the end if you’re a good player and a good team, you could win something.

“But you don’t constantly disappoint fans like this group of Spurs players. They let down the managers, they let down the fans and ultimately themselves and their own families.

“I feel embarrassed for him and for that comment, and I’m a huge fan of Harry Kane. But I think now they are all trained to the core in media and for me I find that very frustrating.

asked what Kane could have told Sky Sports which would have appeased Souness, the Scotsman replied: «I think he could have said he’s disappointed in himself, I would have started with myself, ‘I’ve let myself down, I’ve let down my family, I’ve let down everyone I work with down’… ”

When Redknapp responded by saying, «I don’t think he did, did he?» Souness said simply: “No, but you asked me what he could say, I think he has yet to say as captain. I think Spurs players today are a disgrace, bordering on being a disgrace.»

Hugo Lloris is, of course, the Spurs captain. Not Kane.

«I’m not questioning Harry Kane,» Souness continued. “He is a fabulous player. I’m questioning the interview he just gave. He’s been asked the questions beforehand and he’s been pulled out and he’s trying to convey a message of positivity, and that just doesn’t work with me.

Enough. Maybe stick to pretending Frank Lampard is a good appointment as Chelsea manager.

In later comments, Souness added, “I played with the leaders. I tell you what happens, what leaders do – they get you out. When it doesn’t go well, you miss passes, you lose opportunities, you get pulled out.

“Does Harry do it for Spurs or does Harry do it for Harry? I will never, ever get tired of saying this: you will not be successful in a football team unless you have good senior professionals.

“If he’s stuck in his stomach, he doesn’t do that interview. It’s a different kind of interview.»

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