Stephanos Tsitsipas gets positive results in grueling battle with Dominic Thiem

Stephanos Tsitsipas gets positive results in grueling battle with Dominic Thiem

Stephen Tsitsipas

Stephanos Tsitsipas was in a tight fight with Dominic Thiem 3-6, 6-1, 7-6(5), a string of impressive streaks to end.

Tsitsipas chose to focus on the run to finish rather than the false start of the match.

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Tsitsipas wasn’t going to take it easy and quickly settled matters before a tense final set went down to the wire.

«That’s fantastic, 39 is a lot,» Tsitsipas said of the first serve streak.

“This shows that maybe I improved on my serve today. This is a positive sign for me. I think I just have everything fluid and where I’m relaxed in my service… just pure relaxation and focus.

Tsitsipas improved to 4-5 against Thiem, a report that shows why he is wary of the Austrian.

«It was very physical and I think we both played our best,» Tsispas said of the opening win over Tim.

«I’m very happy that we were able to show that kind of tennis… Today, it showed what strength two-handers can bring to tennis. I am happy to win. Things weren’t easy at the end, but I kept fighting.»

Tsitsipas insisted he always believed his game could win him over.

As Thiem’s ​​forehand began to struggle in the second set, Tsippas took control and maintained his lead with perfectly timed shots.

With the match on the line, both players played excellent tennis in Tim’s final service game, allowing him to take the lead in the final set. Thiem survived after five doubles and over 11 minutes. However, Tsitsipas won his second match point, winning four straight games with a score of 5/3.

«I had confidence in my tennis and I knew I could fight back a little bit,» said Tsitsipas, adding to his overall game. “My confidence showed in that second set where I was serving really well and I started to find my rhythm on the returns. The third set was just pure fighting. He is not one to give up and hates to give you even a little bit of free points.

«I knew I was dealing with something big and that disconnect, it was pure money.»

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