Stephen Sloane is dressed in an amazing costume at the Jamaican Carnival

Stephen Sloane is dressed in an amazing costume at the Jamaican Carnival

Sloane Stephen

Tennis star Sloane Stephens has never been afraid to make bold statements on social media and she did the same after posting pictures from her trip to visit Carnival in Jamaica.

The 2017 US Open champion posted stunning pictures of her vacation on the Caribbean island, an explosion of color and fun for her Xdus Carnival outfit.

Stephens is currently ranked 49th in the WTA rankings and is making the most of her short time away from the game after a challenging start on court in 2023.

This role model, whose parents are from the island of Trinidad, made sure she was ready to embrace her Caribbean heritage.

Lighting up her social media platforms with her famous smile, Stephenson, 30, looked radiant as she posed for pictures in a colorful outfit.

Stephenson has always had a passion for fashion and spoke about the opportunity to use her fame to promote a positive image through her foundation.

«I I am very fortunate to have this platform and I am fully aware of the opportunity I have to touch others in a positive way,” she said. Shape Magazine.

Since we started in 2013, my foundation has supported more than 8,000 young people, so I always think of those children before I do anything. Would they feel inspired if they read or watched what I did? Are their parents proud to have their child in my program?

«I’m all about representation – I think it’s so important for young people, and especially young girls, to have positive role models who look up to them and are doing amazing things.

«Once someone sees something, it sparks what they can do. I want every kid to dream big.»

“I don’t remember the specific issue I was first featured in, but I remember realizing that people who weren’t tennis fans and I didn’t know would read that article and learn about my story in my own words.

I’ve been used to having people watch my matches and practices since I was a kid, but seeing my name and thoughts on the big screen was completely surreal.

“It was, and still is, very humbling to realize that people are interested in learning about me as a person and as an athlete.

“I think there are so many wonderful role models and positive stories that we choose to celebrate and uplift each other, but the headlines don’t always choose to highlight the positive because it’s more fun to sell an argument or drama.

“There’s a lot of pressure on women of all ages, especially when it comes to appearance, and it’s hard to find real representation and role models.

«I think this is changing for the better, and I hope these discussions continue to improve.»

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