Tennis influencer Rachel Stullman has a huge social media following.

Tennis influencer Rachel Stullman has a huge social media following.

Tennis Influencer Rachel Stullman

The game’s best players have dominated tennis influencers up until this point, but Rachel Stullman is eager to change that story.

Roger Federer, Serena Williams and Emma Raducanu are among the biggest hitters on social media platforms, but tennis influencers are growing in influence.

Tennis365 has previously featured the impressive work of acclaimed coach Ashley Neves and the growing ‘Tennis Mentor’ social media network, Stullman adds her name to the list of social media stars eager to bring awareness to tennis.

A one-time top-ranked junior player from St. Louis, Missouri in the US, Stullman’s Tik Tok account exploded in popularity and attracted tens of thousands of followers.

Now Rachel’s Instagram account has exploded in popularity, with her 232k followers making her the No. 1 influencer in tennis.

With such a large presence on social media helping to bring the sport to a younger audience, Stullman said she wants to play a role in bringing tennis to a wider audience.

“I loved being an athlete,” he told Maxim. “Playing college tennis has taught me many qualities; They are time management, work ethic and persistence.

I was extremely disciplined in my training and practice habits, and once I finished playing in college, I carried that over into my professional career.

“Now, instead of preparing and training for big tennis matches, I’m focusing on what I’m doing in my professional life and how I can best showcase the different things I do in the sport.”

Rachel’s Instagram account highlights her work as an on-court interviewer at the All-American Tennis Championships earlier this month, which featured star names such as the Byrne brothers, Sam Keery, Jensen Brooksby, John Inner and Jack Sock.

She is also a huge fan of the current game and talks about the state of play in the men’s and women’s game in an interview with Maxim.

“We are seeing a changing of the guard,” she said. “The younger players on the men’s side are starting to show their talent and personality and you’re starting to see that in the second week of the Slams.

“It’s not just the first three or four guys like we’ve seen in the past. On the women’s side, this year has been perhaps the most exciting in women’s tennis.

“It’s not just about Serena retiring, it’s about a woman of any caliber winning the US Open. It’s amazing how deep the women’s game is – full of talent and year-round.

Rachel has been compared to golf influencer Paige Spiranak, who has attracted huge social media attention following her tips and advice in her sport.

Now tennis may have their own version, she added: “Tennis and golf are very similar sports.

“I have so much respect for what Paige has done for the sport of golf! We have similar stories and I have no doubt that I want to push the sport of tennis forward.”

As influencers become more popular in today’s media landscape, we’ll likely be seeing a lot more of Rachel Stullman.


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