“The deadline is set. Time is running out.” The fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk may not happen

Posted 03/18/2023

Tyson Fury says he is training for the match, which he says will take place in April at London’s Wembley Stadium. Fury’s opponent, however, has indicated that the fight may not end at all. “Points for a (contractual) settlement have been sent on Fury’s side,” WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion Olkesandr Usyk tweeted on Saturday. “The deadline is set. The clock is ticking. The ball is on #Greedybelly‘s side now. We did everything in our power to make it happen @Tyson_Fury.” It has become quite the scenario, the lead for the much hoped-for bout between Usyk and WBC and lineal heavyweight champion Fury has.

"The deadline is set. Time is running out." The fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk may not happen 2

At stake will be the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world, if the match truly goes down. Frankly, it would be ridiculous if this fight didn’t take place. Both Fury and Usyk seemed eager to step into the ring just a few months ago. Since then weeks and weeks have passed without anything materializing. Last week, WBA boss Gilberto Mendoza indicated that terms had been agreed. Days later, however, Fury indicated that Team Usyk was looking to push a rematch clause. Usyk later replied that it was the Fury team that first raised a rematch clause.

While some blame Fury for the delay while others blame Usyk, two things remain clear. The first is that the fight hasn’t been signed yet. The second is that only the players themselves know what happens or doesn’t happen behind the scenes. There is no question, however, that a Fury-Usyk bout would be good for boxing. There hasn’t been an undisputed heavyweight champion, after all, since the reign of Lennox Lewis. Boxing could really use a single heavyweight king right now, rather than a string of suitors. The sport, simply put, needs clarity in its heavyweight division.

Meanwhile, the fight still remains in limbo. Sky Sports he writes that “the scheduled date for the fight is April 29, with Usyk’s team adamant that the terms they’ve agreed to will only apply to one contest on that date.” So time is really ticking. Obviously, the fight could be postponed to a later date, but honestly there doesn’t seem to be a need. The sport has seen enough nonsense. Bad enough that an Errol Spence-Terence Crawford fight may never come to fruition. Fans don’t need to see Fury-Usyk fall apart as well.

Perhaps Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, two exciting young fighters, are the ones to lead by example. Their superfight was signed for May.


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