The fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz has been announced for August 5th

Posted 04/12/2023

“August 5,” Jake Paul posted on social media Thursday, “we commemorate the funeral of Nathaniel Diaz as we send him back in a casket to Dana. Refreshments will be offered during the service. Black tie attire. That’s right, Jake Paul will be fighting the UFC great Nate Diaz in the ring. It’s an interesting fight, really. Paul’s limitations as a boxer came to light several months ago when he lost to Tommy Fury by decision. As for Diaz, he’s not the average mixed martial artist that he ages. He is already a licensed boxer and has been a sparring partner for none other than Andre Ward. Again, this fight is pretty cool.

The fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz has been announced for August 5th 2

“My last fight didn’t end up the way I wanted, but the result was the best thing that could have happened to my pro boxing aspirations,” Paul said via a press release. “Now, the world thinks I’m vulnerable, when all that I am is more focused than ever. My team wanted me to go into an easy fight like KSI, but that’s not how I am. It’s also worth noting that a fight with Nate Diaz would be far more appealing to combat sports fans in general than a loss to KSI. In short, Paul-Diaz has crossover appeal.

“Nate Diaz is considered one of the toughest fighters of all time,” Paul continued, “but he and his team have talked too long. People tell me that Nate has been training with Andre Ward for years. an insane resistance. Who refuses to back down. Good for screwing Nate. I haven’t forgotten the backstage slap in Arizona, and on August 5th, a Problem Child will chop up and knock out the Stockton G.»

Diaz, of course, had his own thoughts on the upcoming battle. “Besides Canelo, it’s the biggest thank you in boxing,” he said of Paul. “I’m here to conquer him. I’m the king of combat sports and then I’ll be back for my UFC belts. I f***ed Conor (McGregor) for acting and now here I am again, as a superhero of real fighting game, the king of real fighting game.

The Paul-Diaz fight may not represent the best that boxing has to offer at the moment, but both men are colorful and exciting to watch. As he put it, Diaz famously tapped a very good Conor McGregor in 2017. Meanwhile, Paul and he has crossed his share of former UFC notables in the ring, most recently former UFC legend Anderson Sylva. People may roll their eyes, but this could be quite funny.

The Paul-Diaz fight will take place in Texas and will be broadcast live as a DAZN pay-per-view main event.

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