The former coach of Serena Williams likes to work with Emma Raducanu

The former coach of Serena Williams likes to work with Emma Raducanu

Fully Focused Emma Raducanu Us Open

Serena Williams’ former coach Rick Macchi has extended an offer of encouragement to Emma Raducanu, believing she can «come back and be one of the best players in the world».

Radukanu’s fairy tale has not turned into a nightmare, but she will struggle to win the first Grand Slam when she lifts the 2021 US Open.

Raducanu has battled poor form, injuries and health issues since breaking into the top 10 on the back of her success at Flushing Meadows. She has struggled to make good results and is in the top 100 in the WTA rankings.

The 20-year-old has been through a variety of coaches since her breakthrough, but Machi – who has coached world No. 1 players including Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Jennifer Capriati, Maria Sharapova and Andy Roddick – feels he can help her. To regain her best shape.

«I would love to work with this young lady,» he told her. Tennis unfiltered Podcast. «I could help her mentally. I knew I could get this girl back on track.»

«Her life has changed, but that doesn’t mean she has to change,» Macchi added. Everything has changed around her, but she is still playing tennis. I don’t know her. Is she still that hungry, still that competitive? These are the most asked questions because people always assume that’s why she doesn’t work because she has other interests, blah, blah, blah.

“I can’t answer the question, but it’s about one thing, anyone, anytime, anywhere should have: the love of competing, and by the way, if I compete well, there’s candy at the end of it. It cannot be the other way around. If so, they won’t starve like that. «

Many have questioned whether or not she can come close to replicating New York’s success in the future, but Machi feels she has plenty of potential.

«She is back and I believe she can win a Grand Slam as one of the best players in the world,» he added.

“It’s not where you start. It’s where you end up. Now, it’s clear what happened in New York, that was no riot.

“You have to have the game. You have to have a lot of other qualities to do something like this, and her mental strength is probably her best asset, even though it’s probably messed up right now.

But I love the technical side of our game. There’s nothing quite like a hole in the forehand of Coco Gauff. So the technical part is good. She is an authority. She can play through you. She has the game.

«So I still believe in her. She’s very young. She’s got the game. She’s got talent in my opinion.»

«This thing could spin. I don’t know who’s involved with her. I know they’ve frozen the deck. How big she is, the people around her… but I like that chance. Don’t count her out.»

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