The WBA orders Golovkin to face Lara

The WBA orders Golovkin to face Lara

Posted 09/23/2022

On Friday night, the World Boxing Association released the following statement on social media: “The WBA Championships Committee, in another decision following the world title reduction plan, ordered the bout between the super middleweight champion. Gennady Golovkin (@GGGBoxing) and her mandatory challenger Erislandy Lara (@Laraboxing) #GGGLara. ” And so it appears that Gennady Golovkin, fresh from his unilateral defeat to Canelo Alvarez last weekend, was ordered to defend his WBA middleweight title against Erislandy Lara, who was also ordered to defend HER middleweight title. WBA vs. Golovkin. The WBA certainly has too many titles, after all, and now they want to streamline things a bit. After all, there should only be one list of titles by weight division.

It’s still a solid matchup, although at this point it’s clear that every fighter is well beyond his pinnacle. Too bad, because in their firsts these two were something else. Now, however, Golovkin is forty years old. Lara, meanwhile, is thirty-six. It goes without saying that both Golovkin and Lara camps have thirty days to reach an agreement. If an agreement is not reached, the match promotion will go to the highest bidder in an auction known as a stock bid. If a stock offer occurs, Golovkin would get three quarters of the gain.

In addition to having impressive records, every man has Canelo in common. Canelo beat Lara by decision in an extremely close fight in 2014, a battle that some felt Lara deserved to win. Golovkin, of course, had two extremely close and controversial fights of his own with Canelo, in 2017 and 2018 respectively. However, Golovkin looked nothing like his old self when he and Canelo finally met for the third time last Saturday. . As for Lara, his last fight was an impressive break from Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan’s eighth round last spring.

To be sure, this still has the characteristics of a fascinating fight. Golovkin didn’t look like himself last weekend, but a dated Golovkin is still head and shoulders better than most modern fighting games. As for Lara, he has proven that he can still beat the name competition comfortably and in a fun way. Provided every man still has the ability to perform effectively in the ring, their contrasting styles, combined with their likeable personalities, could make this battle – if it goes down – a must-see event for serious fans. It may not be a game changer, but a match between Golovkin and Lara could very well be a great night of boxing.


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