Tim Ward’s 2022 Tiger Shield supremacy goal

Tim Ward’s 2022 Tiger Shield supremacy goal

Tim Ward has never had a problem making it to fifty, but as he develops into one of the best young players in the nation, the Tasmanian opener is now looking to turn his matches into the hundreds.

Tim WardThe words of a former captain rang in his ears as he limped out of Blundstone Arena last month.

The opening batsman for Tasmania had just missed an attempted cover before going straight into the gloves of the Victorian wicketkeeper, who was waiting to be caught. He was out for 91, having hit his third fifty in five innings in this season’s Marsh Sheffield Shield.

Ward is one of the fittest players in the country but is yet to reach triple figures this summer after being stuck on 90 not out in last week’s match against NSW.

The southpaw, originally from NSW, is in a comfortable place.

Looking back on his professional cricket career for Paramatta, a club he joined as a youth in 2012, Ward recalls a successful but daunting spell in the 2017-18 season which heralded the start of the trend.

“I might have done eight fifties or something and got a 98 not out there and maybe another 90 and I was pretty upset,” he told the media.

His memory is essentially perfect, according to MyCricket logs. In fact, it was seven-fifty as part of an 18-year-old 699-run season that would have thrilled me the most. But not Ward, and not the captain of him at the time.

Paramatta captain Nick Bertus, who made four Sheffield Shield appearances and finished BBL runners-up with the Sydney Sixers last summer, recognized the potential of his lightweight opener and gave him some advice that Ward still refers to today.

Although Bertus, who is still the top team captain five years later, believes he was being overly demanding of his pupil, Ward, he adds that the benefits Ward is currently enjoying are a credit to his diligence and willingness to learn.

The years of effort Ward put into giving himself a chance at a higher level resulted in his captivating start to his Shield career.

The patient trailblazer turned into a full-time player even before signing his first rookie contract. He was part of a new generation of cricketers, batsmen in particular, who had brought their game to places like Darwin during the Australian winter.

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