Tyson Fury declares Joe Joyce “second best heavyweight in the world”

Tyson Fury declares Joe Joyce “second best heavyweight in the world”

Posted 09/29/2022

It’s good to be Joe Joyce right now. The Brit has been fighting professionally since 2017, but last Saturday the unbeaten heavyweight really made his way onto the radar with an impressive knockout from former titlelist and popular contender Joseph Parker. It was a slow and brutal fight, almost the kind of knockdown one would expect from those bare-knuckled old guys, with each man taking his time to throw his punches for maximum impact. Parker had the moments of him, but Joyce, who appears to be made of some kind of iron, took the shots before cleaning up her man in the eleventh.

“I had a great day watching boxing”, The WBC and linear heavyweight champion Tyson Fury said so Instagram to send, adding that he hears “Big Joe Joyce is the second best heavyweight in the world, behind me and in his day, given his moment, who knows if he might beat me or not?” The heavyweight king then said: “I think we have to find out one of these days.” It should be noted, however, that Fury’s words often have to be taken with a grain of salt (remember that retirement?). “He wouldn’t put a punch on me in 12 rounds,” Joyce’s Fury also said. “I don’t think he could hit me if he had a fucking handful of rice.”

However, Fury said virtually everyone else at the top of the heavyweight division could be in trouble against Joyce. “I think he beat Anthony Joshua,” Fury previously said. “I think he beats middleweight (who is actually heavyweight multi-owner Oleksandr Usyk), he might have a problem with Deontay Wilder’s speed and power.” It is worth bearing in mind that boxers like Fury are not lawyers or politicians. Like everyone else, they are free to contradict themselves, especially in the heat of the moment. Not all words should be intentional.

That said, Joyce responded to Fury’s Instagram videos in a competitive and good-natured way. “Come on, sign the contract, Big Boy !!!” tweeted to Fury. “N.1 Vs N.2 for LINEAL !!!” Fury, as is his nature, was ready with a quick response. “It’s not our Big Joe time,” he tweeted again. “I have to win undisputed first against the middleweights! You also have to build yourself up for the big time! ”At the moment, there’s still hope, albeit perhaps subtle, that Fury will face former titlelist Anthony Joshua in December.


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