Tyson Fury to Oleksandr Usyk: “You and your team are worth 30%. Take it or leave it”

Posted 03/10/2023

“Where am I, Usyk,” linear and WBC heavyweight titlist Tyson Fury tells IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight titlist Oleksandr Usyk directly in a video on Friday, “you and your team are worth thirty percent. Take it or leave it.” Fury’s comments are the latest development in a deal for an undisputed heavyweight championship fight between him and Usyk that has gone on for far too long.

Tyson Fury Champion 1
Tyson Fury to Oleksandr Usyk: "You and your team are worth 30%. Take it or leave it" 2

“And if you don’t want it,” Fury continues, “go fight Daniel Dubois at the Copper Box and get yourself a few million dollars. Do you want to make real money? Come and fight the gypsy king. The undefeated Fury then moves on to present Usyk with an ultimatum. “But I will say,” Fury says, “for every day from today that you dawdle, you mess around, I will deduct one percent from the thirty percent, then every day I will deduct one percent until you take It.

Fury then wraps up his message in classic Tyson Fury style. “And if you don’t accept it,” he concludes, “you fight Dubois for two million dollars. It’s not a problem. But how the hell could Yuze offer me a deal? Not possible. Tick ​​tock, tick tock. Pussies.

As author Kurt Vonnegut would say: “And so it goes.”

“Even if Usyk gets zero for the fight, it still won’t be enough for Tyson,” Sky Sports quotes Usyk rep Alex Krassyuk as said. “Normally when a fighter doesn’t want to fight, he asks for something impossible, and then it doesn’t happen. This is according to my experience. I’ve been in boxing for almost 20 years and that’s what I’ve seen so many times.

Sure enough, there are those on social media who are now arguing that Fury isn’t interested in fighting Usyk. This seems rather strange, although you never know. Fury is bigger than Usyk, after all, and is a very strong and skilled fighter in the ring. Then again, maybe he “sees something” (as Max Schmeling would have put it) that makes him uncomfortable. Either way, it would be a complete travesty to the sport if Fury and Usyk didn’t meet in the ring for all the figurative marbles. The fight fans deserve it, and the fighters themselves too. Let’s hope another Spence-Crawford-style disaster isn’t afoot.


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