World Cup Fans: WE WANT BEER! 2022

World Cup Fans: WE WANT BEER!  2022

The whole scandal of beer-free stadiums in Qatar 2022 World Cup has attracted a lot of press and fan attention on social media. Many non-Muslim fans aren’t too thrilled with that ruling. However, they are only sold in fan zones.

After the opening match of this year’s World Cup, there was a recording of Ecuadorian fans chanting “we want beer”. Social media netizens have started making fun of fans as they find it funny that fans cannot survive watching football without the booze.

Fans noted that the “luxury” stay package would allow fans to drink beers, champagne and wines. They are called the stadium luxury suites and are reserved only for FIFA officials and extremely wealthy guests.

There were jokes that these were really well paid actors dressing up as fans paying for tickets or that they were real Ecuadorians. One fan joked that fans might imagine chanting “we are gay,” just to make things more embarrassing for Qataris.

What’s more, a British couple who spent £50,000 traveling to the Middle Eastern country found themselves scrambling for a £12 pint with other England fans. The stadium would have had empty seats which would have angered a number of people.

According to Daily mailone couple they interviewed said: ‘Everyone is behind England. There are not many fans here. But my husband, Paul and I just had to come. We spent around £50,000, but it’s worth every penny if we win the World Cup.’

Stephen King’s version of the “no beer” rule at the World Cup

Apparently, famed writer Stephen King made a controversial statement stating that if a fan needs to be intoxicated with beer while watching his sport, he might have a problem. This might be a question for them, do they really like sports or do they use sports as an excuse to drink.

Stephen King Beer
Image by Stephen King, from Wikipedia.

Other popular figures responded to King’s statement with sarcasm about Qatar’s alleged “slave” labor. Fans said it was still unfair for FIFA and well-paid fans to get special privileges for alcohol, which defeats the whole purpose of using Qatar Customs to ban the rest of the fans.

There were those who are against alcohol and say that some people might abuse alcohol during matches which could make them “problematic”. Then there are the social justice warriors who say alcohol has ruined many lives and families.

Other fans are still upset that Qatar doesn’t officially welcome LGBTQ+ fans and have claimed that the Middle Eastern country “lied” and changed their decisions at the last minute. However, other soccer fans have responded that sexuality is not an issue when it comes to watching sports.

It’s unclear who fans are most angry with. Under Stephen King’s tweet, the anger is directed at both Qatar and FIFA. Then there were some who accused King of using substances to write his popular novels.

No matter what the fans say, the top priority is for matches to run smoothly and for players to score for their countries.

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