Taylor Fritz admits that ‘tennis needs to do better’ in key positions

Taylor Fritz admits that ‘tennis needs to do better’ in key positions

Taylor Fritz Netflix Breakpoint 2

Taylor Fritz said. Tennis 365 He and his partner Morgan helped highlight how tennis can generate new interest, saying the sport needs to attract new audiences as it moves forward.

He spoke at an event to promote his relationship with Select level OTC, The plant-based wellness brand’s products feature natural menthol and camphor for instant pain relief, and Fritz told us the sport had to find a way to bring the stories behind the characters on the court to life.

Taylor and Morgan were the stars of a Netflix documentary. Break pointHe has taken viewers behind the scenes on tennis tours and now suggests the game continues that way, attracting a younger audience.

«I think it’s the most important thing we have to do in our sport,» Fritz said. Tennis 365While supporting tennis players to have more exposure on the international media stage.

«When I look back at tennis players and sports stars I admire or pay attention to, firstly because I appreciate their skills on or off the court and secondly because of their history and the history of the people around them.

«Tennis needs to do a better job of telling these stories. If you watch F1, for example, people are fascinated by F1 because Drive to salvation He did an amazing job of bringing people into that world and telling the story of the drivers.

“Now the fans are more connected than ever because they know the person under the helmet and because of that they feel more invested.

“I grew up playing games (still do) and watching YouTube videos and YouTube creators, so I know how many alternative entertainment options there are for young people.

«We as a sport need to figure out how to better reach audiences and bring younger people to tennis. I don’t know what the answer is, but we need to make some changes to find a better balance between the tennis traditions that I love and cherish and what new audiences want.»

Reflecting on his role in the Netflix documentary, Fritz revealed that the behind-the-scenes footage with his co-star Morgan was fun.

Select Taylor Fritz Level Otc
Select Taylor Fritz Level OTC

“It was a great experience,” he continued. “You really didn’t interfere, thank you.

“Apart from a few sit-down interviews, they’ve been following us and catching up on everything we’ve been doing.

«It’s great to see the final product and hopefully it will grow the game and bring new fans to the sport.»

New parts of Break point Scheduled to premiere on Netflix next month, with more to come in 2024, the streaming service will launch a second season of the show.

Netflix’s exposure has yet to have the same effect on tennis as Formula 1 behind the scenes. drive to survive, Emerging from the era dominated by Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, it takes time to build the profile of the players and the sport.

We’ll have more from our exclusive Tennis365 interview with Taylor Fritz in the coming days.

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