Matteo Berretini’s famous partner blames bullies

Matteo Berretini’s famous partner blames bullies

Matteo Berrettini In Action

TV presenter and partner for Matteo Berrettini, Melissa Satta, is no stranger to intrusive topics that cross the line of decency.

Sata, who suffered from tabloid scrutiny throughout her relationship with ex-husband Kevin Prince Boateng, found herself hounded again when Matteo Berretini became her partner.

She has been unfairly blamed for the damage done to her by Boateng and now by Berettini.

“I get a lot of abusive, bullying and sexist messages. I have chosen to be a public person, and I accept exposing and exposing myself on social media, but I am trying to have a romantic relationship with someone else, I just want to try to be happy,” said Sata. An interview with Vanity Fair Italy

«I’m a normal woman and I live a normal life out of the limelight, why should I be blamed because your partner is struggling at work?»

Satta is upset that the Italian press blamed her for Berretini’s injuries, even though the problems took root before the couple met.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, she expressed her frustration at being blamed for things that had nothing to do with her.

She said it was reminiscent of her lawsuit over the chronic groin pain that troubled Boeing.

«[They say] ‘Beretini won’t win because Sata will distract him, she will ask too much’… But I said back,” said Sata.

«[This has happened before] with my ex-husband [Boateng] Sufferers of Pubalgia”

Berretini is confused by the stories that Sata is hurting his career.

«I can’t imagine how a relationship can keep you from doing your job, but people talk,» Breretini said.

«We live in the age of social media, where everyone can say anything and the whole education seems to have disappeared. But in the end I’m happy, that’s the main thing.

Sata says that she is used to a lot of comments about her appearance, but says that the interference in her romantic relationships is excessive.

“Sometimes I’m too thin, too fat, all over, badly dressed. But I love myself, and so these things don’t affect me that much. However, if you enter my personal sphere, the alarm goes off: I have talked about my life many times in interviews as well as on social networks, but here there is a limit.

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