Carlos Alcaraz dismisses the ‘fatigue’ excuse, says he was a player.

Carlos Alcaraz dismisses the ‘fatigue’ excuse, says he was a player.

Fabian Marozsan And Carlos Alcaraz

World No. 2 Carlos Alcaraz avoided defeat against Fabian Marozza in Rome.

Alcaraz said despite a busy few weeks on the clay swing for the upcoming No. 1, he didn’t feel any fatigue.

Marozsan made an impressive start and saw Alcaraz out of the first round before surviving the second round of the Madrid Open Champions.

“I was physically perfect. I just didn’t feel comfortable,” Alcaraz said at the press conference.

«He made me feel comfortable on the court. He was aggressive and always played in the baseline.’

“It was difficult for me to get into the lineup for the match. I made a lot of mistakes that I don’t make very often.’

«These days can happen in tennis, and you have to control it. I was close in the second set, I had my chances, but I didn’t take chances. He was always at the same level. He deserved the win.»

It was the first time since the 2021 Paris Masters that Alcaraz had been beaten by a player below 100 after losing to Hugo Gaston in the third round.

Marozsan showed some potential earlier this season winning the Challenger Championship in Turkey. However, he lost four of his five games before Rome and struggled to maintain consistency.

«Everything was perfect today,» Marozsan said. “The crowd, the weather, the court. I am happy to do my job.

“I think it’s 1/4 of the game and I’ve won six points in a row. It’s amazing, I don’t know what happened at the point, I tried to return every ball and try to do my best. I tried to figure out how to win points against him in that difficult situation and it worked. I don’t know what to say.»

«I tried to fight until the last ball but it wasn’t enough,» Alcaraz said in his post-match press conference. «Obviously, in the second set, it was close. I had my chances at 6-5, 15/30. I’d say I could have won that set except for a few things. Of course, he deserved to win. If he plays at that level, it will surprise more than one.»

Alcaraz tipped Marozsan to crack 100 sooner rather than later.

“I was very surprised. His level was really high and I am sure he will break the 100 very soon,” said Alcaraz.

«If he plays at that level, he will surprise more than one (top player).»

Alcaraz hopes to use the time off from the match to adjust to the French Open.

«If I want to go to Paris well, I have to practice to get better. I couldn’t practice more than three or four days in a row. I played a lot,» Alcaraz said.

«Having days to practice at home and prepare for Roland Garros will be very helpful for me.»

WATCH: Carlos Alcaraz shocks world number 135 Fabian Marozsa in Rome.

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