For Iga Swiatek, consistency is the key as you learn to manage expectations as the world’s No. 1

For Iga Swiatek, consistency is the key as you learn to manage expectations as the world’s No. 1

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Iga Swiatek produced one of her «best performances» to win her second Porsche Tennis Grand Prix and later admitted she is really starting to love life as world No.1.

After missing her Miami Open title defense due to injury, Swiatek was unsure of what to expect when she returned to Stuttgart last week.

The defending champion started with a comfortable win over Qinwen Zheng in the second round before being pushed to three games by Karolina Pliskova in the quarter-finals. Her semi-final match against Ons Jaber lasted just three games before the Tunisian threw in the towel due to injury.

The final saw World No. 1 face off against World No. 2 Aryna Sabalenka. Sabalenka, in particular, is in excellent form this year with a 19–2 record and was expected to win the pair’s WTA final last year.

But it was a dominant performance from Swiatek as she went eight a game in the first set and one in the second set.

«Honestly, I didn’t expect to play well when I came here,» the top seed told The Associated Press after the win. “I’m really happy to be there and hold the trophy, it’s a really exciting moment.

I am proud of myself and the team that we managed to get better and better with each match. Of course, the last one was very intense, I’m just happy that I was able to maintain a good level.

«It’s one of the best performances I’ve had, but every race is different. There’s definitely some things you have to take into account, you know, coming back from injury and not feeling completely at the level I was at the beginning of the race made me pay well tonight. So, yeah, I’m happy.» «

Swiatek celebrated one year as No. 1 in early April and, having initially felt the pressure that comes with the WTA rankings, the 21-year-old is starting to feel settled as No. 1.

«I’m proud of my consistency, because when I’m consistent at another level, it’s good, but this level, it’s beyond my expectations,» she said.

“Last year was really tough, and I felt like this season could be tough because of what people were saying and the expectations from the outside.

“I am happy to be able to do this job. This is probably the biggest thing I’ve had at the beginning of the year.

She added, “Now I feel like I can use my experience a little more than worry about things. I’m happy to be world number 1 for over a year and it’s an exciting time.

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