From Kohli’s Last Second Advice to the Forgotten Akram Six – Everything We Learned From Sachin Tendulkar’s Twitter Debut AMA

From Kohli’s Last Second Advice to the Forgotten Akram Six – Everything We Learned From Sachin Tendulkar’s Twitter Debut AMA

Almost 35 years since he made his first international delivery to Pakistan, Sachin Tendulkar it’s still debuting – well, sort of. On Friday, the big Indian made his Twitter debut “Ask Me Anything,” revealing a little more about himself.

At a time when most celebrities (their fans rather) are dealing with lost inherited blue checks, Tendulkar used the Hashtag #AskSachin on a random Friday afternoon. Taking questions from fans and responding promptly, Tendulkar touched on most things from cricket anecdotes to his love for biryani, garnished with some humor along the way.

Here are the highlights of his ‘chat’ with his fans, three days before his 50th birthday:

Cricket Questions

Question from Chinmay Bhogle (son of Harsha Bhogle): I’ve noticed that hitters today don’t use their feet against spin as much as hitters did in, say, the 90s. Has there been a change in the way people play spins and does the comfort with big hits in the T20s have anything to do with it?

A: It could be that in practice, most of the throws are done by the fast throwing side-armers.

Q: Your 100 favorites

R:114 in Perth in 1992

D: Cover drive or straight drive: the shot that makes him feel more confident during the serve

A: When I shoot straight, I know my body balance is right and it’s also my favorite shot.

Q: If you are [and] Sunny Bhai [Gavaskar] had opened the innings together against the formidable fast bowling of the West Indies, who would strike first?

A:Of course elders first, par ye mat socho ki non striker ko kabhi batting nahi karni padti [but don’t think non-strikers don’t get to bat].

Q: What was the first piece of advice you gave Arjun after he was determined to play professional cricket?

A: Are you sure?

Q: Straight Drive or Uppercut – his favorite:

A: Maybe this Uppercut, the one I played against Brett Lee in Perth (2007/08).

Q: What did you say to Virat right now (photo of a departing Tendulkar pausing for a moment to give advice to the arriving Kohli during the 2011 World Cup Final)

A: «Ab bhi ball thoda swing ho raha hai!«(The ball is still swinging a bit!)

Q: What is your favorite stadium in India other than Wankhede?

A: Chepauk

Q: Even if everyone rates your pull you’re from [Andy] Caddick as your best six, remember the somewhat similar shot you shot of Wasim Akram in Sharjah in 1994?

A: I remember that. I had just started opening the innings for Team India in ODIs.

For those wondering, the reference is probably a this shot.

Beyond the cricket

Q: Your favorite soccer player

A: (Tendulkar shared a photo of Lionel Messi)

Q: Your all-time favorite cheat meal



In addition to these, there were a few other responses, some related to his son Arjun Tendulkar, who made her IPL debut this week. Sachin revealed that his first question to Arjun after the young man told him that he wanted to get serious about cricket was, «Are you sure?». He also revealed that Arjun once pulled him out of Lord’s. In another tweet, he wished that Rohit, Arjun and he would play together with Indians in Mumbai.

There were mentions of SM (Gifts) e Become (Sourav Ganguly) and proud references to the Indian flag.

And not to forget, the reinterpretations of some iconic moments of his playing career:

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