Insane Premier League standings since Everton appointed Sean Dyche

Insane Premier League standings since Everton appointed Sean Dyche

When Sean Dyche was appointed Everton manager in January, the club appeared to be in serious trouble.

Dyche’s predecessor Frank Lampard was sacked after the 2-0 defeat at West Ham United. Everton finished 19th in the table, having taken just 15 points from 20 games. He had taken just one point from the last 21 available and had won just once in his last 11 Premier League games.

With a reputation for being able to organize a defence, Dyche had kept Burnley in the Premier League for five consecutive seasons but was sacked by the Clarets a month before relegation last season.

“It is an honor to become the manager of Everton. My staff and I are ready and eager to help get this great club back on track,» Dyche told the official Everton website after being named.

“I know Everton’s passionate fan base and how valuable this club is to them. We are ready to work and ready to give them what they want. That starts with the sweat on the shirt, the effort and a return to some of the basic tenets of what Everton Football Club has stood for for a long time.

“We want to bring back a good feeling. We need the fans, we need unity and we need everyone to be aligned. This starts with us as staff and players.

Dyche made an immediate impact, leading Everton to a hard-fought 1-0 win against leaders Arsenal in his first game in charge. He then guided the Toffees to further 1-0 home wins against relegation rivals Leeds United and mid-table Brentford.

But his only three wins remain and he is currently a seven-game winless streak. They are still 19th in the table and are still struggling to survive as they approach the final four-game run-in.

Everton have averaged exactly one point per game with Dyche at the helm which may not be enough to keep them up when all is said and done. What does Dyche’s tenure look like at Goodison Park when you look at it as a whole compared to the rest of the division?

Here’s what the table looks like since Dyche was appointed Everton manager in January. All teams played 14 games unless otherwise noted.

1. Manchester City – 31 points, GD +21 (12 plays)
2. Liverpool – 27 points, GD +14
3. Newcastle United – 26 points, GD +12 (13 plays)
4. Aston Villa – 26 points, GD +8
5. Arsenal – 25 points, GD +11
6. Manchester United – 24 points, GD +3 (12 plays)
7. Bournemouth – 22 points, GD -5
8. Brighton – 21 points, GD +11 (12 plays)
9. Brentford – 20 points, GD +4
10. Wolves – 20 points, GD -3
11. Tottenham – 18 points, GD -3 (13 games)
12. Crystal Palace – 16 points, GD -1
13. West Ham United – 16 points, GD -2 (13 plays)
14. Fulham – 14 points, GD -2 (12 plays)
15. Everton – 14 points, GD -12
16. Leicester City – 12 points, GD -6
17. Leeds United – 12 points, GD -17 (15 games)
18. Chelsea – 10 points, GD -6 (12 plays)
19. Nottingham Forest – 9 points, GD -13
20. Southampton – 9 points, GD -14

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