‘Let the children dream’ – I have never set limits for Holger, says Anneke Run

‘Let the children dream’ – I have never set limits for Holger, says Anneke Run

Anneke Rune

Anneke Rune says she tries not to put any limits on her children’s dreams.

Her son Holger Rune set his sights on becoming the best in the world and being counted among the greatest players.

Her mother feels that encouraging him to dream has done wonders for Holger.

«I generally never talk about limitations or what ifs,» says Anneke Rune. SpilXperten.

“I take each day as it comes, and if you fill your days with the right things and work in the direction you want, why shouldn’t you be successful even in your dreams? Basically I believe you can do anything. You can create your own life and achieve what you want.

“When you’re young, if you put limits or bring too much….then you lose that pure light, that untouched feeling, which I think is a valuable inspiration later on. Let the children wish and help them with whatever they want. If they love from their heart, they will succeed.

Rooney seems destined for the big time, having already earned 11 top ten finishes.

Holger Rune In The Rain
Holger Run left the court

Fredrik Lochte believes Nielsen Holger will have plenty of chances to prove he has Grand Slam quality.

«Holger is with the best players for those matches in big stadiums,» Nielsen said.

“That’s where it feels like. That’s where he feels most comfortable. «

“If you want to talk about players who have a chance to achieve the same results as the great legends, I completely agree that Alcaraz and Rune are the ones to do it. I think they have the best platform to build on right now.

The former two-time All-Star admits that Alcaraz is a little further along in his game, but could have a long run at the top of the sport.

Nielsen believes that in time Rune Alcaraz will regain the physical edge he had over him.

“They are two players who really play tennis and get the best out of themselves.

«The reason why Alcaraz is a bit further away from Rune now is because Alcaraz might be a bit better physically. He has natural strength, but when Holger is done with it, he has no weaknesses and will be very scary for all players to face.»

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