Manny Pacquiao kindly covers medical bills for boxer who collapsed in ring » SportsNS

Manny Pacquiao kindly covers medical bills for boxer who collapsed in ring » SportsNS

Kenneth Egano’s medical bills were allegedly paid for by Manny Pacquiao, a well-respected boxer and well-known leader of the UNA party in the Philippines. At Pacquiao’s «Blow by Blow» event, the teenage boxer passed out after taking part in an eight-round fight. The expert boxer is said to have extended his assistance by contributing to Egano’s hospital expenses. This type of act is not unusual in the boxing world, as seasoned competitors often seek to develop the skills of up-and-coming boxers.

Is Kenneth Egano hospitalized?

The Philippines’ most popular boxing TV show, ‘Blow by Blow’ features young fighters participating in amateur competitions and clubs. MP Productions, a company owned by Manny Pacquiao, a famous boxer and politician, produces the show.

The weekly boxing show ‘Blow by Blow’ has grown in popularity among fans of the sport and is often regarded as a venue for aspiring fighters to demonstrate their prowess. One of the teenage fighters, Kenneth Egano, is currently in a coma after an eight round fight with Jason Facularin, so the show was recently faced with a devastating situation. We wish Egano and his family a speedy and full recovery. Our thoughts are with them.

While Kenneth Egano was declared the winner of his bout, the young Filipino fighter collapsed shortly after the announcement and was immediately rushed to hospital. Reports suggest that Manny Pacquiao, a prominent boxer and UNA party member in the Philippines, generously offered to cover the young fighter’s medical bills, a item on he said.

This act of kindness and support is not uncommon in the boxing community, where accomplished fighters often seek to help and nurture the next generation of boxers. Our thoughts are with Egano and his family at this difficult time, and we wish him a full and speedy recovery.

In the combat sport of boxing, two opponents line up in a ring while wearing gloves and exchanging blows. The aim of the game is to throw punches while dodging those of your opponent, with clean blows that earn extra points.

With a rich history, numerous famous fighters, and enduring contests, boxing has been a cherished form of entertainment and sport for generations. The activity is demanding in terms of technique, stamina and discipline and is often seen as a test of strength and willpower.

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