New WWE Programs Is «in The Works» » SportsNS

New WWE Programs Is «in The Works» » SportsNS

Except for Main Event, the company’s main weekly programs during the past few years have been WWE RAW, SmackDown, and NXT. A recent report states that the promotion intends to develop a new program for a particular demographic.

The most iconic moments in pro wrestling history have been shown on RAW, SmackDown, and NXT since they first went on television. The firm has also created several well-liked series for its network, including WWE 24, 365, and Chronicle, in addition to these programs.

The organization is now developing a new show with the USA Network, according to a recent report from WrestleVotes. Kids will face off against celebrities in a trivia challenge on this TV show. “I’m hearing there is a new joint show in the works between WWE & USA Network where kids will compete with Superstars in a trivia challenge, currently titled ‘Tall vs Small.’”

Apart from this, there isn’t much information about the show, which is currently called Tall vs. Small. It will be intriguing to find out when the show will premiere.

WWE Draft is happening in the upcoming weeks

One of the most important occasions in sports entertainment, the WWE Draft, has been eagerly anticipated by fans over the years.

Since 2002, the draft has been one of weekly television’s most thrilling two-night spectacles. When Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch traded brands and respective women’s titles in 2021, the spectacle completely altered the sport. Unfortunately, the organization completely overlooked the occasion once Triple H took over creative management of the main roster in July 2022. The Game addressed the audience earlier this month and revealed the return of the unique event.

On April 28, the tournament will be again, and the draft will be open to all superstars. The superstars who switch brands and the possibility of NXT talents moving up to the main roster will be exciting to watch.

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