Nick Kyrgios shared a touching picture with fans.

Nick Kyrgios shared a touching picture with fans.

Nick Kyrgios In Action

Nick Kyrgios gets a lot of stick for his on-court and off-court comments, but he knows how to melt hearts sometimes and he’s done it again with a social media post.

Currently on the court after knee surgery in January, Kyrgios is entertaining fans with his life off the court.

On Tuesday, he decided to pick «one of my favorite moments of my entire career» when he shared a photo with a young fan who had US Open alopecia at Flushing Meadows.

The Australian’s older brother, Christos Kyrgios, also suffers from alopecia – a condition that usually causes a person to lose all the hair on their entire scalp.

«US Open a few years ago… this young fan sat courtside and watched all my matches,» he wrote on Instagram. “After I finished I went over to him and I noticed he was nervous and when I approached him he was a bit unsure of himself.

“I told him that my brother was in the same situation and his eyes lit up when I told him that he had a beautiful life and from then on he had a different perspective and he didn’t feel alone. One of my favorite moments of my entire career, blessed man to capture this moment ❤️🙏🏽”

Kyrgios has yet to confirm his return to action following knee surgery, having not played any competitive tennis since last November’s ATP Finals when he shared a tie with Thanasi Kokonakis.

He was forced to pull out of the Australian Open earlier in the year and was initially expected to be out for up to two months, but was injured.

The world number 26 is booked for an exhibition bout against Holger Run at the Energy Denmark Clash of Champions at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen on May 24, but it remains to be seen whether the clash will go ahead.

In the year There have been suggestions that he may play in the French Open on May 28, but the 28-year-old has yet to confirm his plans.

He said that last year He will return to Roland Garros this year «In the name of love,» he said, «I haven’t played that in four years so I’ll be back next year.»

“My girlfriend just wants to see Paris. I mean, I’m going to play the French Open as well.»

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