Sheringham says what ‘surprises him’ about Poch, Chelsea connections during Boehly’s ‘chaotic’ inaugural season

Sheringham says what ‘surprises him’ about Poch, Chelsea connections during Boehly’s ‘chaotic’ inaugural season

Teddy Sheringham thinks ‘everything can change’ at Chelsea if they can sign a ‘finisher’ with Mauricio Pochettino which should be a ‘big’ fixture.

The Blues are on track to finish in the bottom half of the Premier League despite spending over £500m on new players in the previous two transfer windows.

The club’s new ownership, led by Todd Boehly, made the bold decision to sack Champions League-winning boss Thomas Tuchel last September, replacing him with Graham Potter, who was sacked in April.

Neither decision was justified with Frank Lampard – who lost all five of his games in charge – taking over until the end of the season.

Despite the huge amount of money Chelsea have spent in less than a year, they are expected to sign two or three more first-team players this summer.

They are in desperate need of a new striker, while a defensive midfielder would be nice.

It’s hard to judge the Blues’ potential summer dealings without a permanent manager at the helm.

Pochettino is expected to take the lead, which has led Chelsea to be linked with Tottenham’s Harry Kane.

Although the Argentinian failed to pick up a trophy during his time in charge of Tottenham, ex-Spurs striker Sheringham thinks he will be a ‘great’ appointment and is ‘surprised’ his former club haven’t picked him up after the exemption of Antonio Conte.

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«I think Poch would be a great signing for Chelsea,» Sheringham told Lord Ping.

“Chelsea will give him spending money and will have his own goals that he will want to bring to compliment the wonderful players they already have at the football club.

“Chelsea lack a top scorer; they need a top scorer. If they can get a finisher in there, I think everything could change for them.

“He’s going to have some wonderful players at his disposal and he’s going to have the autonomy to go in there and decide who he wants to keep and who he wants to get rid of without having to worry about upsetting anyone.

“He has a wonderful pedigree. I was surprised that Tottenham didn’t move for him.

«It doesn’t look like Tottenham will be appointing a manager anytime soon unless Daniel Levy is working on a deal with Julian Nagelsman to join at the end of the season – Tottenham are reportedly in talks with someone to allow Poch to join a rival without having a conversation with him.

“I think Poch would be great at Chelsea. I like the way he organizes his teams; on the forefoot, taking the game to the opponents. He has the players at Chelsea where he will be able to do it.

«If he joins them, it will be great to see him back in the Premier League.»

Sheringham later said he understands why Pochettino is taking the job at the end of the season due to Chelsea’s «chaotic» season.

Asked whether taking the job at the end of 2022-23 is a loophole, Sheringham replied: «That’s one way of looking at it, you could say it’s a bit of a loophole not to start the job right away, but then you have to look the atmosphere in the club: Chelsea have been a disaster this year.

“They have been in a downward spiral. Realistically, what would he be able to do in the next four games?

“I imagine he’ll have three or four players he’s looking to add to that squad in the summer, so maybe he’s thinking about recruiting and doing some background investigation.

“With the squad he has there, I just think it will take a couple of additions to transform the club’s fortunes. Obviously, the players will have to leave.

“There are pros and cons to not taking the job right away. I suspect he doesn’t want to be associated with what the club has done this season because it’s been a terrible season for them. He won’t want that on his managerial record.

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