Vasyl Lomachenko on Gervonta Davis-Ryan Garcia: «I think Davis will win. He’s more aggressive.»

Posted 03/30/2023

Vasyl Lomachenko has a lot to do at the moment. The Ukrainian fighter known as “Loma” has an undisputed lightweight championship bout against Devin Haney in May. He was asked, however, what he thinks of the upcoming Gervonta Davis-Ryan Garcia superout. After acknowledging that Davis-Garcia is indeed a huge fight, Loma was asked who he thinks will win the April showdown between the two heavy punched young fighters.

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«I think Davis will win,» Lomachenko told the media (courtesy of Combat hubs). “He’s more aggressive and always fights with (the) bigger guy and (the) taller guy. I hope he will be ready for Ryan Garcia. Everyone knows that Ryan Garcia can only do one hit. It’s his (his) left hook and that’s it. Indeed, a common criticism of the fighter known as «King Ry» is that he has a powerful left foot but not much else. Garcia, of course, would argue that this is not the case, and indeed he will have a chance to prove the world wrong in a few weeks against Davis.

When asked which rematch clause Garcia must adhere to, Loma likely took a humorous approach. «It’s another thing Gervonta Davis can beat him for,» he said she. «Ryan Garcia is very big for 135.» With Davis and Garcia able to navigate the complicated negotiation process required for the superfight, it’s worth asking whether or not Loma will stand a chance with either popular fighter.

That said, Haney looks like he might gain weight after lining up against Loma later in the spring. With Loma getting a little older, it’s clear that he could only have so many fights before he calls it a career. It will be interesting to see who he ends up in the ring with after his duel with Haney.

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