WWE Draft Roman Reigns on potential spoiler alert

WWE Draft Roman Reigns on potential spoiler alert

Wwe Draft Roman Reigns On Potential Spoiler Alert

The probable destination of Roman Reigns’ touchdown has been the subject of reports ahead of this week’s WWE draft. On SmackDown this Friday the Draft will begin and on RAW, the following Monday, it will end. Many are predicting The Head of the Table to be selected first because he is the Undisputed Universal Champion of WWE.

Ringside News says that RAW’s Network, USA is eagerly trying to secure the exclusive performance of The Tribal Chief for the foreseeable future on their network.

“The WWE Draft is coming, bringing big changes. We’re told USA Network wants Roman Reigns over anything else. Having a title belt exclusive to RAW is the «second choice» for USA Network. Bloodline ‘remains the first choice’ for them.

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This Thursday, Triple H unveiled a brand new World Heavyweight Championship, which will serve as the grand prize at any show where Reigns doesn’t wrestle. With Reigns scheduled to be featured on a brand, Triple H announced the championship.

Roman’s WWE schedule has been substantially lighter over the past year, which has resulted in far fewer times than before that he successfully defends his world championship.

Former WWE writer Vince Russo recently shared his thoughts on the new title and the reasons behind its creation on Wrestling’s Legion of RAW. That’s because both clubs need a world champion.

“Just go out and say both of our TV partners, USA and FOX, both of our TV partners want a champion! Just said! It’s better than that. It’s better than what you did! At least that spells it out, bro,” Russo explained. “And put him (Roman Reigns) on; a guy can’t physically, maybe, you know, defend both belts in two shows. we’ll have another belt. All right.»

Reigns, who was the undisputed WWE Universal Champion for 968 days after defeating Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39 earlier this month, looks on course to surpass that milestone.

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