«He should have been able to carry on.» Rolly Romero defeats Ismael Barroso in a very controversial way

Posted 05/14/2023

It had been a little over a year since Rolando «Rolly» Romero stepped into a ring. In fact, the man’s last fight had ended with Romero being iced by none other than Gervonta Davis in May of 2022. Returning to the ring for the first time since that loss, Romero was shooting for the WBA world heavyweight title. junior welterweight Saturday night in Vegas. Opposing him was Venezuelan Ismael Barroso, an unknown but highly skilled veteran contender who seemed to recognize that he had the opportunity of a lifetime before him in the flamboyant American.

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Romero fired his jab and kept out of reach during the first as southpaw Barroso pushed the action behind a jab of his own. Barroso went down from a slide in the second while Romero kept trying to keep out of reach. The third saw Barroso dispatch Romero with a left foot in the final minute of the round. Romero got back up but it was clear Barroso was able to reach his man and land effectively. That said, Romero had a strong fourth where his punches found their mark. Barroso, however, was very playful.

The fifth was close, with moments where both men exchanged skins, although Barroso may have beaten him. The sixth showed it was time for Romero to let go of his hands. He wasn’t doing badly – ​​many were even ahead – but he was taken by his man in the body, as well as in the head. Romero was able to buck that trend in the seventh thanks to some sharp punches of his own. Barroso’s body attachment told the story of the eighth.

Romero pushed Barroso to the canvas in the ninth, but it was ruled a knockdown. Barroso beat the count, but Romero really started piling it on him. Barroso, however, was clearly not out of the picture. However, for some unexplained reason, referee Tony Weeks stepped in and stopped the fight. Romero exited the ring with the WBA title courtesy of a very strange ruling from the referee. «He should have been able to carry on,» Romero said of Barroso after the match ended.

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